31 de enero de 2016

The 5 key details that marked the runway of Dior Couture SS16

A monumental structure cover hundreds of mirrors gave birth to one of the most anticipated parades of Paris Haute Couture week: Christian Dior spring summer 2016. Despite the noticeable absence of Raf Simmons, transparencies, deep necklines, asymmetric cuts and a myriad of textures formed part of the new collection of the maison. We present you the most outstanding details:

1. Infinite maze

Glass and mirrors porcelained the huge structure that was mounted on the Musée Rodin.

2. Sensual transparencies

With fabrics such as lace, pleated tulle and chiffon, designs let see to an ultra sexy women Dior silhouette.

3. Shoulders to the Bardot

The neckline which is named after the French icon returns this season stronger than ever.

4. Minimal essence

The look of beauty framed with red lips -almost wine- femininity and a subtle black outlined.

5. The obsession continues: Mules

Saw them last season with designs of no. 21, also, in the last parade of Chanel (Métiers D´Art) decorated with pearls and now, Dior checks the forecast: shoes with heel discovered reign during this spring.

30 de enero de 2016

Disney on Family — 5SOS’ Calum Hood Turns 20 — Celebrate With His Best ‘Bass Face’ Pics

There’s less than a month to go before 5 Seconds of Summer get back on the road for their massive Sounds Good Feels Good tour. But in the mean time, there’s a ton for the guys to celebrate, including their huge No. 1 album, their first-ever Rolling Stone magazine cover… and Calum Hood’s 20th birthday.

The 5SOS bassist is a “teenage dirtbag” no more, celebrating his big 2-0 on Monday (Jan. 25). His bandmates all took to Twitter to mark the occasion, sharing predictably hilarious messages for him (including a pic that can only best be described as “pizza party pass-out victim”).

As for Calum himself, he thanked fans for all the well wishes, and even shared one of his own. Because statistically, there’s definitely a 5SOS fan or two who’s celebrating their own b-day today. How thoughtful.

But we at MTV News are paying tribute to Cal in a much different way: by celebrating his best, funniest and most iconic “bass faces.” The dude is nothing but seriously talented and amusingly expressive, and that’s never more apparent than when he’s shredding his jet black heart out in front of millions people. Here are 20 of our favorite examples:

1. The “our music is so good it actually hurts me” face.


2. The “sup girl?” face.


3. The “catching flies with my mouth” face.


4. The “I forgot how this microphone works” face.


5. The “what is Luke doing over there?” face.


6. The “I’m going to wake up tomorrow with slime everywhere, aren’t I?” face.


7. The “take me now, god” face.


8. The “I just farted but no one can tell” face.


9. The “awww, our fans are so cute” face.


10. The “headbanging my heart out” face.


11. The “oops, I forgot my parents are in the crowd so I better tone it down” face.


12. The “wow, this lighting is really not flattering at all” face.


13. The “you guys are crazy and I love you” face.


14. The “being my most zen self” face.


15. The “whaaat does that sign say?” face.


16. The “I hope my tight AF pants don’t split right now” face.


17. The “I flossed today, see?” face.


18. The “are you not entertained?” face.


19. The “I kinda forgot the words just now” face.


20. The “I can’t believe this is actually my job” face.


Happy Birthday, Calum!

Video: The Girl And The Dreamcatcher “Written In The Stars” Acoustic At Radio Disney

Yesterday (January 29, 2016), The Girl and the Dreamcatcher released a new video for their song “Glowing In The Dark,” and I really loved it! If you haven’t seen it, click here.

I also noticed this video from Radio Disney of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan singing an acoustic of their previous song “Written In The Stars,” and it is equally as wonderful!!

Take a peek below:

28 de enero de 2016

Senses Juice Bar on the Disney Dream: Recipe for Restoration

At our new Senses Juice Bar on the Disney Dream, it’s easy to keep your fitness afloat by refueling with a nutrient-packed beverage. A variety of fresh ingredients are available to satisfy your taste buds in a healthy way.


●6 Strawberries
●½ Avocado
●4 Mint leaves
●6 slices Beet
●½ Apple
●4 Goji berries
●4 oz water

1. Blend with or without ice based on desired consistency.

27 de enero de 2016

Escandalos Disney — OMG: Did Joey Bragg Just Reveal the Fate of 'Liv & Maddie'?

Joey bragg liv maddie

Hearing the confirmation that Liv and Maddie will be returning for a fourth season was the best news we could have hoped for. In a new interview, actor Joey Bragg dished on what we can expect to see in the upcoming episodes, but unfortunately, he hinted that this season may be the show's final one.

"I thought the show might’ve been done after Season 3, but then it got picked up for fourth," Joey told IBTImes+. "It’s very rare Disney Channel goes for a fifth."

That is true: no matter how much we love a show or how well it's doing in terms of ratings, most Disney shows run their course and wrap up in four seasons or less. Think Austin & Ally, Jessie, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

But we shouldn't fret just yet, because Joey teased that exciting new things are waiting for us in Season 4.

"It’s going to be different than it’s been the past three seasons. I’m not going to give anything more away, but there’s definitely going to be a change in probably the poster, opening credits and family dynamic all together," he shared. "I think we’ve improved every season we’ve done this show and I don’t think that’s going to change."

It's certainly going to be exciting to see it all play out.

#NoWay: Did Joey Bragg Confirm 'Liv & Maddie' Is Actually Ending?

It was a joyous occasion for fans of Liv and Maddie everywhere when Dove Cameron announced the show would officially return for a fourth season but in a new interview, star Joey Bragg revealed he believes this upcoming season might just be the last one ever.

"I thought the show might’ve been done after Season 3, but then it got picked up for fourth. It’s very rare Disney Channel goes for a fifth," Joey said. "It’s going to be different than it’s been the past three seasons. I’m not going to give anything more away, but there’s definitely going to be a change in probably the poster, opening credits and family dynamic all together."

Ahh so many changes are coming, which is something exciting to look forward too! Joey does have make a point though: all of the classic Disney shows, like Wizards of Waverly Place and Jessie for example, only ran for four seasons. Since there is a good chance this season might be the last one, it's nice to know the show is going in a different direction that will spice things up. There is one thing though that Joey promises is going to stay the same: the show will get better, no matter what.

"I think we’ve improved every season we’ve done this show and I don’t think that’s going to change," he said.

Now that is good to know!

“Ultima Hora Disney” — Radio Disney Music Awards 2016 Will Air on May 1 - Get the Details!

Mark you calendars now – the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards just got an air date!

This year’s RDMAs will take place on Saturday, April 30 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The event will feature even more performances than ever before, combining music’s biggest with tomorrow’s rising stars.

The special two-hour telecast, Disney Channel Presents the Radio Disney Music Awards, will be presented on Sunday, May 1 @ 7PM on Disney Channel in the U.S. and thereafter, in 159 countries.

Highlights will also be available on Radio Disney, the Radio Disney App, WATCH Disney Channel and

#SWEETAS: Jack & Jack Guess New Zealand Slang Meanings

Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky visited New Zealand recently and sat down with J-14's Liam McEwan and Facebook sensation Sam's Life.

Liam and Sam tested the Jacks on their knowledge of New Zealand slang words, and it's HILARIOUS!

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

26 de enero de 2016

Exclusive Interview with Katherine McNamara: Part One

Kat McNamara as "Clary Fray" (Photo courtesy of Freeform)BYOU Magazine’s “Kat’s Korner” columnist actress Katherine McNamara recently launched a new show, starring as Clary Fray in Freeform’s new television series Shadowhunters, based on the bestselling popular young adult book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), who finds out on her birthday that she is not who she thinks she is, but rather comes from a long line of Shadowhunters – human-angel hybrids who work to make the world a better place by hunting down demons. Thrown into this world after her mother is kidnapped, Clary must rely on the mysterious Jace and his fellow Shadowhunters, Isabelle and Alec, to navigate this new dark world. With her best friend Simon in tow, Clary looks for answers that could help her find her mother.

We recently had a chance to get the scoop from Katherine about her new role when BYOU Magazine’s publisher/editor-in-chief Debra Gano chatted with her. Below you’ll find Part One of our exclusive interview with Katherine McNamara – and look for Part Two coming soon!

Debra: Hi Kat! Can you please share with us how you came to play the role of “Clary Fray”?

KATHERINE: I was sent the script of Shadowhunters almost a year ago and I was so excited to have the chance to audition. I had known about the book series and I was a huge fan of Lily Collins [who played Clary Fray in the Shadowhunters movie]. I auditioned a bunch of times and then I got to the screen test, which was the first time I met Alberto [who plays Simon] and Emeraude [who plays Isabelle] when they were in the room. And then I got to the “chemistry” test where I screen-tested with Dom [who plays Jace], which was such a relief because Dom and I had already been friends for a year. When you’re doing a relationship on screen that has such chemistry and so much emotion in it, it helps when you know the person. You’re already comfortable with them and have trust in them, so you can play and have fun, and really explore the scene. After that, I had a screen test with Alberto, who I sort of knew now, and he and I hit it off immediately.

I didn’t hear anything for about a week and remember seeing on Shadowhunter’s Twitter that they were going to announce the actress who was playing Clary in two hours and I still hadn’t heard anything. I knew it was between me and another girl, so I thought, “Oh well, it must not be me. I guess they went another way.” Then all of a sudden, I get a call from my team saying, “Hold on, they haven’t said anything to anyone yet. Hang tight!” And, of course, then I’m going bonkers from seeing all the buzz on Twitter about it, so I went to the gym to get myself together and not think about it for two hours. Ten minutes before they’re about to announce it on Twitter, I get the call saying, “Congratulations, you will be playing the role of Clary Fray—just wait, your phone is about to explode!” Between all of the phone calls and text messages, tweets, Instagrams, everything that was happening all at once, my phone literally quit working for a few hours! I couldn’t call anybody, I couldn’t text anybody, I just had to sit there and process. I have to say those ten minutes felt longer than the two hours simply because I was speechless and so honored and excited and floored that I was going to be playing this role. But then it hit me: the whole Shadowhunters fandom was about to find out, and I had no idea how they were going to react. I was thinking, “Are they going to be OK with this choice? Are they going to like me? Are they going to accept me as their Clary Fray?” Because that could be disastrous if they didn’t!

Kat McNamara Quote-2 Debra: I wondered if you had felt any nervousness or intimidation about playing the role of the main character of such a popular book series with such loyal (and opinionated) fans.

KATHERINE: At first I did because I realized from the buzz on Twitter the enormity of the fandom; how fierce and opinionated they are, and I was just hoping they were happy with this choice. When you read a book you have such an attachment to these characters because your imagination adds so much to it, especially a series with a lot of young characters who are growing up themselves and you’re growing up while you’re reading these books. You look up to these characters and they become your heroes and you have such a personal relationship with the characters. So, when we’re tasked with bring this to life it’s very exciting, but it’s also a huge responsibility. It’s something I don’t take lightly and I never will. My whole goal is to do justice to the story and to pay homage to these characters that so many people have such an attachment to. I am so honored and excited to be playing a role like this and sharing this with the fans, and so happy that the fandom welcomed me with open arms, as they did the rest of the cast.

Debra: That’s awesome! But there will always be those negative comments, like saying the show is not like the book, etc. – how do you handle those?

KATHERINE: You really just have to let it roll off your back. What we’ve been trying to let the fans know, especially fans who have such an attachment to these books, is that yes, we are staying true to the spirit of books and to the characters, but there are an infinite number of versions of this story. Because we know we can’t please everyone, we’re trying to create our own interpretation and perspective of this story—meet in the middle and hopefully make as many people as possible happy.

Debra: During the Shadowhunters premiere, I saw you posted on Twitter that “Dark, broken people are my favorite to play. So different from me!” I agree; you are anything BUT dark or broken! Can you share more about that?

KATHERINE: I love being an actor and playing characters that challenge me – to be in situations that are a challenge, because nobody really becomes an actor to play it safe and just play happy, light things all the time. Actors are the people who go to dark places; we’re the people who experience those emotions that nobody wants to experience. And by experiencing and sharing those dark, scary places with our audience, it shows that it’s OK to feel like that sometimes. It’s OK to have moments, to be scared, or have doubts. But what’s important is that you come out of those moments and move on; pick yourself back up, start again, and carry on.

Clary does this in the first episode, and she continues to do so throughout the season. Everything she knows and what she loves, everything she thought she could count on, is taken away from her and she’s left with literally rubble. She has to pick herself up, and trust these strangers and find her own way in this new and terrifying dark world. It’s a metaphor for growing up in a sense—you’ve had all these illusions of what life is like as a kid and as you grow up you realize that world isn’t always a happy place. But it’s how you handle it and how you tackle it. You can make the world a better place or you make your perspective better simply on how you handle situations.

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...