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7 de enero de 2016

Love It Up News: Season 2, Episode 6: ‘Hollywood Medium’ Reconnects Bella Thorne With Late Father — Watch

Tyler Henry is known as the Hollywood Medium — a 20-year-old who brings messages to the stars from beyond. On the premiere, he is drawn to Bella Thorne at a party, and the connection he makes is surreal. Watch the exclusive look here Bella Thorne, 18, may have thought she was heading to a party, but she never would have thought she’d be receiving a message from her late father. Tyler Henry, the star of Hollywood Medium on E!, reveals in a new clip that he “got a pull” in her direction while at the party. They had never met, but he said that he felt he must “deliver a message” to her. Watch that message here.

“Even when Im trying to unwind, I still pick up on information and have to deliver it,” Tyler said. “There’s no such thing as being off the clock.”

He then pulls her aside and tells her he’s connecting with a fatherly figure from the other side, who died suddenly, and he hears an engine. “Do you have anyone who passed in a car accident?” Bella looks shocked, adding, “My dad died in a motorcycle accident.” With that, he also reveals to her the date of his death, and reveals there’s some sort of stuffed animal, that’s very deteriorated, that has sentimental value to someone in the family, another female. “The way that he comes across, he’s really sweet. The amount of pride that he has for you is amazing. It’s huge, in the way it comes through. Please know he’s perfectly fine and he’s okay.”

Bella has been very private about her father’s passing. In Nov. 2015 she spoke out about it for the first time, admitting she doesn’t have her permit or license. “My father died in a motorcycle accident,” she told Seventeen magazine. “I’m not mature enough to accept the responsibility of perhaps taking someone else’s life.” When speaking about her life growing up, she admitted it was tough, and her family was on food stamps. “I don’t think anybody really knew — it wasn’t a very obvious thing. I’ve never really talked about it. I wasn’t hiding it, and it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m embarrassed because we don’t have money.’ It was, ‘Oh, we don’t have money, so we’re going to work that much harder.’ It was scary, though, because you really want those jobs. It’s a different hunger when you want your family to eat.”

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry will feature celebrities Amber Rose, Cheryl Burke, Rob Dyrdek, Snooki, and more. Watch the premiere Sunday, January 24 at 10pm ET/PT on E!

24 de octubre de 2015

Love It Up News, Season 2, Episode 5: COOL: Bella Thorne Announces New Movie Role!

Bella Thorne recently got a TV pilot picked up and now it seems the good news keep coming!

The star posted that she has landed a role in the upcoming horror-comedy The Babysitter from New Line Cinema. In the post she mentioned she is super excited to be a part of the film. We wish her the best and many congrats on the new role!

Una foto publicada por BELLA (@bellathorne) el

What do you think of Bella landing this role? Let us know in the comments and wish her congrats!

Source: J-14 and Instagram

1 de febrero de 2015

Photos: Bella Thorne Looks Gorgeous In Sherri Hill Dresses February 1, 2015

Over the weekend, Bella Thorne has posted a few pics on her Instagram, as she looks gorgeous in Sherri Hill dresses. With prom season arriving very shortly, the “Blended” star dons some beautiful gowns. Miss Bella typed this note on Sunday (February 1, 2015) with this photo above: “and then he said, you’re a princess and not just any princess, you’re my princess” @sherrihill Would you like to wear either of these dresses to prom?! So pretty! Read More:

15 de diciembre de 2014

Photo: Bella Thorne Left For Illinois December 14, 2014

Bella Thorne took a flight to Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, December 14, 2014. She will be performing her song “Jersey” in “Shall We Dance On Ice” this coming Tuesday (December 16). The actress/singer/author revealed to all just what she will be wearing too! Love it! Miss Thorne wrote this with her Instagram: On my way to Illinois! Shall We Dance On Ice this Tuesdayyyyyy! I will be performing #Jersey! I’ll see you there! La✈️chi @jwujek @alanavanderaa So cool! Read More:

13 de diciembre de 2014

Bella Thorne To Get Her ‘Scream’ On — Details Here!! @bellathorne

It has been announced this week and confirmed that Bella Thorne will be starring in a TV adaptation of the movie ‘Scream.’ Bella will be playing an updated version of the character that Drew Barrymore played in the original movie. ‘Scream’ will air on MTV in October 2015 Bella confirmed this in response to a fan question about it saying, “ Yes it is true. I will re-enact the famous scene of Drew Barrymore in the original series” Congrats to Bella!! We can’t wait to see and hear her ‘Scream’!! Read More:

8 de octubre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 21 (Season Finale): Happy Birthday: See 17 Pics of Bella Thorne's(CeCe Jones) Total Style Evolution

Today's a very exciting day for Bella Thorne: she's celebrating her 17th birthday! Recently, Bella has been showing off her incredible sense of style at high-fashion events like Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, but she has always impressed us with her bold red carpet statements ... even when she was a kid! In honor of her big day, we've rounded up 17 stylish pics to show how Bella's style has transformed from girly and trendy to totally chic! Click through the gallery above to see pics of Bella's style evolution. Then, wish her a happy birthday in the comments section below.

Ver Mas en:

5 de octubre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 20:Cómo elegir el bra correcto de CeCe Jones

Para verte bien y sentirte segura debes estar cómoda con lo que usas y eso incluye tu brassier. El 80% de las mujeres no saben elegir su talla correcta y obvio no tienen el ajuste adecuado. Esto puede causar dolor de espalda y cuello. ¡No, gracias!
Si no estás segura de tu talla de copa, sigue estas instrucciones para encontrar qué brassier es el que deberías estar usando.
¿Es correcta tu talla? Ahora, esto es lo que hay que checar para tener el ajuste PERFECTO: 1. Debes poder introducir un dedo entre la varilla del bra y tu cuerpo. 2. Chaca que puedas levantar el tirante por dos o tres dedos. 3. La banda en la espalda no debe quedar muy arriba, si es así acomoda los tirantes y si sigue arriba, estás usando la talla incorrecta. 4. La banda de la espalda debe separarse al menos dos pulgadas si la estiras. 5. Checa que no se salga parte de tu espalda o de busto, si eso sucede busca la talla que sigue. Un tip: Cuando hayas elegido el bra prueba una blusa entallada encima para que veas como se ve tu figura con el bra puesto.
Mira el video que la marca Warner's creó para que sepas como medirte y elegir un bra: Read More:

2 de octubre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 19:Bella Thorne(CeCe Jones) Is Beautiful At 2014 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party – See The Pics Here!

Actress and singer Bella Thorne looked stunning on the red carpet for the 12th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party held at the Emporio Armani on Friday night (September 26) in Beverly Hills, California. Bella wore a head-to-toe two-piece outfit by Armani. View More Pics:

14 de septiembre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 15:Watch The Vamps New Music Video For “Hurricane” Featuring Bella Thorne(CeCe Jones)

The Vamps new music video for “Hurricane” (song for Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”) has arrived today (September 13, 2014)! Bella Thorne, who has a role in the film, is featured in their video and there are scenes from the movie as well. The song “Hurricane” will be on the soundtrack, and you can pre-order it here. Check it out and let me know what you think by commenting below: Read More:

2 de septiembre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 14:Delia's It Up

An afternoon of Thursday, while CeCe and Rocky lunch in the main hall of the house, Flynn had good news.
I have a text message, CeCe, I have a text message !!!!!, and CeCe replied thereon; Flynn, who said about it on your phone ?; That came Delia Delfino of I Didn't Do It !!!! And Rocky said: What ??? Who is Delia, but I did not see that series, And Now Delia came with a pleasant surprise, and said: Hey Guys, and all shouted: Hi Delia!!!!!
Now Delia said: Guess who I am: First CeCe; That's crazy, the future runs through my veins and After Rocky, Yes, and now beginning the progress of my career as a student.
That Surprise, guys, I hope you enjoy a family party tonight in high school.
Under his highness, I think Flynn, CeCe and Youinvite family party that accompanied CeCe's boyfriend: And Finally CeCe's boyfriend asked: Someone told family party in high school?
Oh, My Love, Darling by order came: And finally, asked the boyfriend CeCe's, came for me, I bought four tickets at Main Arena for family party starts in an hour and a half, but it's 3:00 pm, before the sale closes.
And With Whom I go to the party if the groom CeCe's has 4 inputs, Well, I invite you to my mom, Yeah, Surprised and in action, Good Guys, where five enlist their uniforms, makeup, lingerie and when I call or write their SMS that we go to the family party; Yes, Thanks Delia. The End Links de 3 Publicaciones de Sarah Gilman:

30 de agosto de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 12:Video: Bella Thorne(CeCe Jones) Talked About Using Neutrogena Products In Interview With Teen

Bella Thorne had a chance to chat with Teen to dish on beauty tips, skincare advice and more. Miss B is an ambassador for Neutrogena, and she mentioned using their products daily. The teenager also talked a little bit at the end of this interview about her book coming out in a few months. Are you looking forward to reading Autumn Falls? Watch:
Read More:

15 de agosto de 2014

Love It Up,Episode 10:Bella Thorne(CeCe Jones) Hosts Candie’s Teen Choice Awards After Party

Bella Thorne is the new face for the Candie’s brand sold exclusively at Kohl’s and the star even wore a Candie’s dress to the 2014 Teen Choice Awards which were held last night (August 10) at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. After the awards night, Bella hosted an official Candie’s Brand Teen Choice Awards After Party. Some of the celebrities that attended the big bash included Victoria Justice, Lucy Hale, Kendall Jenner and more who all treated themselves to some sushi. View Gallery:

3 de julio de 2014

Love It Up,Episode 7;7 Reasons You'll Love Being Single This Summer

Endless Flirting Possibilities! By CeCe Jones Just because you and your besties are totally psyched about being unattached this summer, doesn’t mean you have to ignore that hottie you met on the beach last weekend. Take advantage of your solo status to shamelessly flirt with the hot waiter serving your table, the gorge lifeguard at the pool, or the cute counselor at the day camp where you work. Being single is all about having fun! Besides, if you don’t hit it off, there’s no need to stress. There are plenty of other options!
All The Chick Flicks You Want! By Rocky Blue With no guy in tow, you can see what you want and keep the Cherry Coke and Sour Patch Kids all for yourself! Not to mention you won't have to worry about your crush seeing you ugly cry through The Fault In Our Stars for the zillionth time!
The Only Person You Have To Worry About Impressing Is YOU! By Dina Garcia Been dying to rock those slouchy tribal-print pants that are totally trendy? Go for it! Your friends will totally give you props for them. Experiment with your style, and try those bold, fashion-y looks that girls love, but dudes just don't get. Being single is the perfect time to get back in touch with what you love most about yourself, inside and out. Plus, you dress to impress yourself and your girls, not get icky butt glances from dudes.
No FOMO! By Tinka Hessensefer Your greatest summer love story? It's not with any hottie—it's the memories you make with your besties! When you’re spending all of your free time with your BF, you miss out on all of the super fun stuff your single friends are doing! From shopping 'till you drop to eating froyo at 4am during sleepovers just because, being unattached frees you up for major bonding time with your girls. Plus, no tagging along with your BF and his friends—when you're solo, you have complete control over what summer parties you attend!
You Can Fangirl Your Heart Out! By Tj Blue Some guys just won’t get your love for One Direction, or why you fangirl over hotties like Harry and Niall. Besties, on the other hand, just get it—they're never too embarassed to go cray-cray at your favorite boy band's concert with you! Not only does your BFF support your 1D infatuation, she shares your Zefron crush, your borderline ridiculous Nutella addiction, and your Demi Lovato obsession.
No Decoding Texts, Status Updates, or Tweets By Deuce Martinez If you sent a guy 10 “Hellooo???” messages right in a row, he’d be like “Stalker!” Your friends? They’d apologize for not responding until your 20th SOS, and then continue talking like it’s no big deal. Being single means you can put the texting/tweeting/Insta drama aside, and instead of wasting precious beach time trying to decode his texts, focus on sending your besties hilarious snapchats and emoji-filled texts, and posting cute Instas of all your crazy-fun adventures. Plus, let's be real, you just can't talk in all Mean Girls quotes with a dude!
Tons of Time For Bonding With Your Besties By Georgia Jones and Flynn Jones Not only does summer mean more time to relax, but it also means more time to hang out with your besties! You never know what’s going to happen when you’re with them, like taking an impromptu road trip to see your fave band perform live with your fellow fangirls! And right when you're feeling like there is absolutely nooothing to do in your town, your bestie somehow always manages to come up wtih the perf activity, pinging you, "One Tree Hill marathon? Be there in 20!" #Blessed Read More:

1 de julio de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 6: Love from New York City

After a cocktail inner corsetry, CeCe, Tinka and Rocky arrive with their moms, from chicago to new york to a concert, and fashion are the protagonists of these
First, Authentic and beautiful CeCe Jones looked good with his neon green jacket and blue jean pants with pink shoes is a real freak
Then, Rocky Blue, as nice as the music, following his most beloved artist in his blue shirt with the letter R White, also with clear white skirt and blue stripes and white shoes highly, That Daring!
And Finally, Tinka Hessenheffer or as they say "the Twitter # 1" on makeup and was dressed in orange and blue and her dress and leggings and celebrate it has been said

21 de junio de 2014

Love It Up,Episode 5:Photo: Bella Thorne Heading To Arizona To See Tristan Klier June 21, 2014

Bella Thorne looks cute in a striped tank top today (June 21, 2014). The “Blended” star is on her way to Arizona to watch Tristan Klier play some basball. She left this note with her Instagram earlier: On my way to Arizona!! She had tweeted last night about catching an early flight:

A few days ago, Bella wished Tristan good luck on his baseball tournament with this tweet: Good luck @tristanklier89 in AZ for your tournament. U will be brilliant as always. See u soon. So great! Hope that Bella has a nice visit with him! Read More:

28 de mayo de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 3:BOP’s Hot 25 of 2014!

It’s that time of year again! Time to choose your 25 favorite celebs of 2014! Just check off the boxes for your 25 favorite celebrities, then hit the Submit button. Don’t see your favorite celeb? Just enter their name in the “other” box at the bottom. Who will be crowned #1? Find out in an upcoming issue of BOP magazine!
Vote Now:

Entrada destacada

Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...