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5 de agosto de 2017

#DisneyVersary 2017 — Immersive 360 VR Star Wars experience coming to Disney Springs, Downtown Disney

While Bob Iger has said he doubts the 360 VR goggle experience will ever come to Disney’s theme parks, that doesn’t exclude it from it’s shopping and entertainment complexes. Both Disney Springs in Orlando and Downtown Disney in Anaheim will welcome a new Star Wars VR experience from The VOID later this year.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is called a groundbreaking hyper-reality experience. It will transport participants to a galaxy far, far away, where they’ll be able to play with friends, encounter Star Wars characters all while in the 360 world that includes environmental feedback like sounds, smell, touch, and motion. The environment will event react with you via Haptic feedback mechanisms so you feel like the virtual and real worlds are the same.

If you’ve heard of the traveling “Ghostbusters : Dimension” VR experience from The VOID, then you have an idea of what’s in store for Star Wars fans. Check out the trailer here:

Lucasfilm and ILMxLab are partnering with The VOID, an entertainment company focused on 360 VR experiences, to create this one-of-a-kind Star Wars experience at Downtown Disney and Disney springs. Expect it to open around the holidays later this year.

16 de octubre de 2016

Happy “DisneyVersary 2016” | Disney Dog Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect for Your Pet

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out and ready to go? Great! Now what about a costume for your dog? If not, never fear, I have some costume ideas inspired by Disney characters that are sure to get your four-legged friends in on the Halloween fun!

For the best costume ideas, I took a look back at some photos from our special Disney Side Dog’s Day that we celebrated a couple of years ago at Magic Kingdom Park. Even though that was a one-time event, the costume ideas are timeless!

You can’t go wrong with one of the classics, such as this polka-dot-loving pooch dressed like Minnie Mouse, or this adventurous pup in a Peter Pan costume.

Is your dog more on the regal side or renegade side? For royal canines, go with a Disney Princess-inspired costume. And for the rebels, a Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired costume is fitting.

And if you and your pet make the perfect pair, coordinate your costumes for over-the-top cuteness. You can go as Alice in Wonderland while your dog is dressed as one of Alice’s friends such as the White Rabbit, or something more mysterious like the Evil Queen and Snow White.

For even more Disney inspiration for your pet, be sure to check out items created just for dogs–leashes, toys, apparel and more–on the Disney Parks online store at or in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

4 de octubre de 2016

"DisneyVersary" 2016 — PHOTOS: Dr. Strange MARVEL Meet & Greet Construction at Hollywood Studios

It looks as though the Doctor Strange meet and greet at Walt Disney World will be held inside Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream during a preview of the film.

A large section of The Legacy Continues area is blocked off. This could be for a new exhibit, but this space is right next door to the theater where the Dr. Strange sneak peek is being shown.

Cast members at the exhibit have not yet been informed what is going on behind the walls. The One Man’s Dream exhibit is located inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

23 de septiembre de 2016

“DisneyVersary 2016” — Beautiful Mashup Of Your Favorite Disney Songs Will Give You Major Chills

Guys, I’m not going to lie. I listened to all 10 minutes of the above mashup, and I was not so low-key weeping and definitely teary-eyed through nine minutes of it.
If you don’t know Alan Menken, start humming literally any tune from the last 30 years or so of animated Disney movies.
Go ahead, I’ll wait.
You’re humming away at your laptop, probably scaring away Starbucks customers? Good.
There’s a great chance the song you’re vocalizing (if you’re like me, off-key) was fully or partially composed by Alan.
While at the recent 25th Anniversary Screening of “Beauty and the Beast,” Alan walked on stage, waved to the crowd, sat down and performed a medley of some of your favorite Disney songs of all time.
Yes, he played the piano and sang simultaneously (WHAT ARE YOU, THE GENI?).
We’re talking hits like “Part of Your World,” “Colors of the Wind” and “Friend Like Me.”

But the most chills you’ll get during the mashup is when Alan sings “I Can Go The Distance,” and the show-stopper finale of “Be Our Guest.”
Trust me, it’s the next best thing to turning on the “Beauty and the Beast” soundtrack and playing with your candelabra while eating dinner.

(*Cough”) Not that I do that on a nightly basis. (I do.)
Seriously, after hearing all the songs, I’m 98.5 percent goosebumps right about now.
OK, yeah, the other 11.5 percent is also goosebumps.
Leave me alone I’m a wreck.
The only thing I could think of to make this more magical is if we got a full Disney medley. I’m talking about using a song from every single Disney animated classic.
Then again, that medley would probably last days (and the piano player would probably have to be hospitalized before he got through it all).
Oh well. This will have to suffice. Have a free 10 minutes? Press play right now.

16 de octubre de 2015

Disney's Birthday, Be Inspired - Quiz: Can You Guess the Disney Movie from the 92nd Second?

Today is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 92nd anniversary! Their timeless stories have made us laugh, cry, basically all the emotions. Their characters are our friends, their adventures inspire and challenge us to be our best. To celebrate almost a century of movie making, we’ve created a quiz to test your animation prowess. Before you are the :92 second mark of twenty films. Your task is to guess which film they’re from! Let’s do this:

Start Quiz on:

13 de octubre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Disney Broadway’s “The Genie” in a Marvel Rap Battle with DMC

The amazing James Monroe Iglehart is a man of many talents. He steals the show every night as the tap dancing, wish granting, improvising, magical The Genie in Disney on Broadway’s Aladdin, but did you know he also has a passion for the rare lexiconic art of the rap battle.

Now don’t tune out yet because this story has a Disney twist. Iglehart is also a huge Disney nerd and shares a passion for comics as well. So no one was surprised when he showed up at the New York Comic-Con.

While chatting with the folks at the Marvel booth, he dropped this epic rap about the ultimate villain

But it doesn’t stop there. DMC ( aka Darryl Makes Comics aka Darryl McDaniels from the legendary pioneers of hip hop — Run-D.M.C.) stopped by the booth as well and, after seeing Iglehart’s Ultron rap, challenged him to a rap battle. Oh, it’s on!

I love that old school rap style, add to it the ability to improvise amazing lyrics, and this was an awesome display of their talents. It’s clear Iglehart was starstruck, but he did a standup job. Don’t you agree?

If someone at Disney isn’t working on a way to capitalize on Iglehart’s many talents, I’d be very disappointed.

Post Courtesy of "The Disney Blog"
Vídeos Courtesy of "YouTube"

12 de octubre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Daredevil Bedevils New York Comic Con

There were packed houses at New York Comic Con. And then there was the crowd that greeted the Saturday afternoon panel devoted to Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil and upcoming series Jessica Jones. It was stuffed to the gills with fans. They seemed to be in every seat in the hall, which comfortably accommodated several thousand people, with folks standing in the back of the auditorium, on the sides, in the aisles. The New York Comic Con crowd was ready and really, really pumped.

And they had every right to be. Daredevil, which premiered in full on Netflix this past April and instantly became a fan favorite, is one of the most challenging and sophisticated small screen superhero sagas yet. It took place in the identifiable Marvel Cinematic Universe, but took place on a smaller scale; emotions were just as often bruised as bodies. Its hyper-specific setting (the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York) made the drama more manageable and human. It is darker and grittier than the Marvel movies, but because the story necessitates that. Also, we got one of the all-time great hero/villain showdowns in Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, a lawyer who moonlights as a vigilante, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, a kingpin of crime masquerading as a concerned New York philanthropist. As soon as the first season was over, you were ready for the second. Don’t worry – it’s coming.

At the panel this afternoon were Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, who are the co-showrunners this year, along with the cast of Daredevil: Elodie Yung (who plays Elektra this season), Jon Bernthal (who plays the Punisher this season), and returning favorites Elden Henson (Foggy), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), and Charlie Cox (Daredevil). Jeph Loeb, the creative head of Marvel’s TV division, who clearly has an affinity for the series (he called Henson’s Foggy “the heart of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe”), moderated the panel. Early on, they showed footage from the new season, made up of glimpses of what’s to come: Matt in his new Daredevil costume, Elektra putting on her mask, Karen looking at the image of a skull (that looks eerily similar to the skull on the iconic Punisher costume), a priest telling Matt and Foggy that “Guilt can be a good thing,” Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple looking very disappointing, and then the Punisher, seen from behind and then uttering a single word: “Pain.” Bring it on.

Executive producer Ramirez addressed both the reaction of the first season and what to expect for the second. “I think a lot of what we were doing was wondering in our writers room if there was a place in the world where a dark, gritty, sophisticated, grounded superhero show could exist,” he explained. “Because of the fan reaction, which was overwhelming and wonderful, we said, you want it grounded, you want it dark? Here’s Elektra, here’s Punisher.” (In the comics Elektra is a sexy ninja assassin, created during Frank Miller’s influential run on the series.

The Punisher is Frank Castle, a violent vigilante who makes Murdock’s nighttime prowling seem tame by comparison. Both characters fit comfortably in the mode of “antihero.” Ramirez has previously called the second season “Daredevil vs. Punisher.”) Petrie, who worked with Daredevil series creator Drew Goddard on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, added: “I hesitate to use the word blessing but all of us, across the board, we love two things: one of them is Matt Murdock, and the other is the world that Matt Murdock navigates.” He then summed up the new season thusly: “Now with the Punisher and Elektra we take it further and darker and more emotional. We’re fans too. So the stuff that you want to see, we want to see, and we can’t wait to show it to you.” (Petrie later teased that there would be more flashbacks this season.)

The new cast members seem particularly suited for their new roles. Yung has a black belt in karate. And Bernthal reached out to the show’s creators even before they had locked down what season two was going to be. Bernthal rubbed his face and said, in the most authentic and endearing way possible, “Look, I know how important this character to you guys. I know that. I know how important this show is to you guys. I know how important he is to law enforcement, the military, and I look at this as a huge honor, a huge responsibility, and I give you my absolute word that I am going to give everything that I have.” Later in the panel, Bernthal said that people on the street are only adding to the pressure. “15, 20 times a day I get, ‘You better not mess this up, man.’ And I say, ‘I hear you, I hear you.’”

As for the returning cast members, Woll teased that the next season would see more of Matt and Karen outside of the office. “I don’t know how far I can go, but Charlie Cox is one of my favorite people I’ve ever gotten to work with,” Woll enthused. “It’s been a privilege this season.” For his part, Cox explained his experience with Daredevil as being intimidating and incredibly rewarding. “I had some apprehension about playing someone known as the Man without Fear, because playing someone incapable of fear on a TV show isn’t that interesting. It robs you of one of my favorite characteristics in people, which is courage,” Cox said. “The thing I’ve learned the most from working with these people and playing this extraordinary character, is courage – how much courage it takes to be a vulnerable human but also a vulnerable superhero. It’s been a cool journey to be on.”

And the journey continues when Daredevil returns to Netflix in 2016.

Post Source: "Disney Blogs" & "YouTube"

10 de octubre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Celebrity Chef Art Smith Opening “Homecoming” Restaurant at Disney Springs in 2016

Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine, Chef Art Smith’s new restaurant concept, will open in Summer 2016 at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

You might know Chef Smith from his years as Oprah’s chef, or for his appearances in “Iron Chef America,” “Top Chef” and “Top Chef Masters.” The James Beard Foundation award winner was born and reared in the town of Jasper, Fla., on the Florida-Georgia border, where his family still raises cattle, pecans and heirloom vegetables. And after 25 years of preparing award-winning meals for celebrities and heads of state and appearing on television, he is making Florida his home once again.

The Homecoming menu will feature Southern favorites like homemade pimento cheese, Church Lady deviled eggs, low country shrimp and grits, kale salad with Sweet Grass Dairy cheese and spiced pecans and a grilled Blackstrap pork chop with sawmill gravy. “Each dish has a little Florida twist and make guests feel like they’re on the back porch with me for every meal,” says Smith. Desserts will be a specialty, with cakes, pies and delectable sweets made daily and shipped from a bakery in Hamilton County, including the restaurant’s signature Mockingbird Cake.

The “rustic-chic” restaurant has a glass-walled show kitchen and the Southern Shine bar, featuring whimsical cocktails, punches and coolers that celebrate an era where characters might have created some homegrown spirits on their homesteads just beyond the springs.

If you are wondering why the restaurant is called Homecoming, well, Chef Smith attended Florida State University and did a culinary internship with the Walt Disney World College Program many years ago.

Post Courtesy of: “WDW News World”

9 de octubre de 2015

New Poster For Disney’s “Zootopia” - Fanclubdis, Be Inspired

Are you looking forward to seeing Disney’s “Zootopia” in theaters next March? We are!

It was great to see a new poster for the film today too.

Along with this pic from Disney Studios’ Instagram, they wrote:

Welcome to the world of #Zootopia , in theatres March 4, 2016!

Courtesy: "Dis411"


La nueva película de Disney•Pixar se estrena este mismo año.

Cada vez falta menos para el estreno de la nueva película de Disney•Pixar, Un Gran Dinosaurio. Y, aunque es verdad que Alegría, Tristeza, y todas las emociones de Intensa-Mente, dejaron la vara muy alta, estamos seguros de que Un Gran Dinosaurio cumplirá ampliamente las expectativas.

Y es que desde que Disney•Pixar reveló sus primeras imágenes, nos deslumbró con ese arte que solo el mejor estudio de animación del mundo es capaz de hacer. Y ahora, tras los pósters revelados y su primer tráiler, ¡Disney•Pixar lanzó el segundo tráiler de Un Gran Dinosaurio! Ahora, además de asombrarnos con ese mundo, en donde el asteroide que acabó con la vida de los dinosaurios no impacta contra la tierra, escuchamos por primera vez las voces de Arlo, su padre, muchos otros dinosaurios y su compañero de viaje, ¡el cachorro humano Spot!

El tráiler está llenó de los colores y las animaciones a las que Disney•Pixar nos tiene acostumbrados, y nos insinúa una hermosa historia que no podemos esperar más. Pero lo mejor será que lo veas tú mismo. ¡Que lo disfrutes!

Courtesy of “Disney Blogs” and “YouTube”

7 de octubre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: VIDEO: Walt Disney Animation Reveals Voice Of “Moana”; First Images And Casting Video

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Moana” has found her voice following a worldwide search to cast the film’s title character. Native Hawaiian newcomer Auli’i Cravalho, 14, joins Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the big-screen adventure about a spirited and fearless teenager named Moana (voice of Cravalho) who, with help from demi-god Maui (voice of Johnson), sets out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder.

While hundreds of talented people from across the Pacific Islands were eager to try out for the role, Cravalho set her sights firmly on her sophomore year of high school. “I didn’t think I would have a chance,” she said. “When I was little, I used to dance around the house singing at the top of my lungs. In my mind, that was performing and I loved the feeling of it. But I never imagined being in a Disney movie, being Moana—representing my culture in that way.” Fortunately, the film’s Hawai’i casting director remembered an unrelated audition Cravalho did as part of an a cappella group, which had been submitted for a talent showcase for a charity. Feeling the local teen would be perfect for the Disney role, she tracked her and her mother down and invited Cravalho to audition. “Her audition was fantastic – she was such a raw talent,” said producer Osnat Shurer. “Auli’i was among a small number of girls we brought back for a second round of auditions. Then we flew her and her mom over to audition at our studios in Burbank.”

“Auli’i demonstrated a certain fearlessness in her auditions and call-backs,” said director John Musker. “She has a playful, mischievous wit. She can project vulnerability, she doesn’t seem intimidated at all by the challenges ahead, and her Polynesian background has helped shape her connection to family, hard work and music. These are all qualities she shares with Moana.”

“Moana is a vibrant, tenacious 16-year-old growing up on an island where voyaging is forbidden,” added director Ron Clements. “But Moana has been drawn to the ocean since she can remember and is desperate to find out what’s beyond the confines of her island.”

Cravalho has already started recording for the role.

“Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016.

Courtesy of “WDW News Today”

6 de octubre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired - Editor’s Picks: Our 5 Favorite Merchandise Items from Epcot Food and Wine Festival

There are many things to do at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, and most of them involve tasting delicious foods with reckless abandon. (This is how we spent our very first Food and Wine Festival last week.) The 20th anniversary festival, running until November 16, also offers much in the way of exclusive merchandise that you can only buy on site. These are our favorite items:

Chef’s Hat With Remy

There are other, subtler chef hats available at this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (many featuring the 2015 logo), but none of them have a tiny stuffed rat sticking out of the brim. Remy makes a perfect mascot for Food and Wine, since he loves to cook and lives in France (one of the countries in World Showcase and home to one of our favorite Food and Wine treats–the escargot-stuffed croissant). This year’s Food and Wine is even more suited for Remy, since he’s the star of his own interactive game: Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak (more details to come), which has turned out to be one of our favorite aspects of Food and Wine. All of the above is why the Chef’s Hat with Remy is one of the premiere collectables from this year’s Food and Wine Festival.

Plastic Tray

When you walk around to the different kiosks in World Showcase, sampling the region-specific delicacies, they hand you an individual platter or plate. But sometimes it’s hard to find a table (especially during the busier phases, like around dinner or lunch), which means you have to be an excellent improviser or a tidy eater-on-the-go. If you are neither, you might want to invest in the awesome plastic tray that allows you to walk and chomp with confidence and pride. It’s really sturdy, with an additional cup holder that allows for you to calmly place your beverage of choice down while eating, and is embossed with the logo for this year’s Food and Wine Festival. It’s all around a no-brainer, especially since it’s compact enough to fit in most bags and incredibly affordable.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Cook Book

For the 20th anniversary of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, the yearly cookbook got a little heftier, with 50 pages of history, photos and memories from the entire run of the festival. The recipes included in the book go all the way back to the 1996 inaugural Food and Wine Festival and features many of the signature dishes from the Festival’s history (the book is credited to Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs, including Epcot Executive Chef Gregg Hannon).

Chef Figment Plush

In many ways Figment is Epcot’s signature character. The adorable purple dragon originally debuted in the Journey into Imagination ride on March 5, 1983, and unlike other original Epcot mascots (like SMRT-1 or Gyro), Figment has stuck around and still resides within the Imagination Pavilion (in a different, but thematically similar, attraction). So it makes sense that he would be seen as the symbol for Food and Wine. We love his little chef’s hat and apron and we’ll happily jump on any reason to get another Figment plush.

Reusable Cutlery

This, along with the tray, is something that is practical and fun, which means that it’s totally essential. While the festival has made the plastic cutlery available at Food and Wine wonderfully eco-friendly (the forks and knives are made out of recycled materials and then will be recycled once the trash is sorted), you can go one step further and buy your own cutlery to use during your time at Food and Wine. The set includes a fork, knife and spoon and is housed in a nifty plastic container (embossed with the Food and Wine logo for 2015), so that means your cutlery will be protected when you throw them back in your bag. They’re easily washable, stylish, and cool. If you’re serious about Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, then this is a must-get.

Post and Photos courtesy of “Disney Insider”

2 de octubre de 2015

VIDEO: First Look Inside Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs - Fanclubdis, Be Inspired

Morimoto Asia will open to guests tomorrow at Disney Springs, but today, Disney is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney World’s newest sit-down restaurant:

Post Courtesy of WDW News Today
Video Source: YouTube

30 de septiembre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Morimoto Asia restaurant grand opens at Disney Springs with the Iron Chef himself at Walt Disney World

With Japanese drummers, a Chinese lion, and a traditional Sake toast, Walt Disney World officially opened Morimoto Asia as the newest addition to Disney Springs, the shopping and dining district formerly known as Downtown Disney.

In attendance at the new restaurant’s grand opening were the Iron Chef himself Masaharu Morimoto as well as Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis and, donning his own chef outfit, Mickey Mouse.


Later, Morimoto filleted a huge tuna before turning it into a 60-foot long sushi roll with the assistance of attending press and VIPs along with Mickey.


The super fresh sushi was served as an entree to all in attendance at the grand opening between samplings of the new restaurant’s signature drinks, appetizers, and desserts.


Among the best starters and dim sum served at the grand opening were the tuna pizza (deliciously crunchy) and shumai (perfectly steamed).

Naturally, all the sushi served at Morimoto Asia is made fresh and is perfectly prepared. The main kitchen is downstairs, open for diners to see (check out that row of ducks!), and a sushi bar is located upstairs as well.

Dessert highlights included an elevated churro and a beautiful presentation of what amounts to a mango pudding, but made much more complex by the expert chef.

Only a small sampling of the restaurant’s premier entree were served, a wonderfully succulent peking duck.

The cuisine of Morimoto Asia is definitely not the same as his namesake restaurant in New York. That NYC restaurant serves gorgeous takes on classic Japanese fare – some of the best food (and priciest) I’ve ever eaten. The new Disney restaurant broadens the scope to encompass all of Asia, blending cultures and cuisines together for a different sort of heightened dining experience. (I will no doubt return soon to try a few of the entrees separate from this event.)

The restaurant’s decor is elegant, but welcoming. Private rooms are available for parties and VIP arrangements, sectioned off by curtains or sliding frosted glass panels with a distinctly Chinese flair.

Though he doesn’t speak English well, Chef Morimoto was kind and happy to take photos with his fans at the grand opening.

And his playful socks were definitely the talk of the event.

Morimoto Asia is now officially open at Disney Springs , replacing the former Mannequins night club in the former Pleasure Island.

Gallery Complete:

Post Courtesy of Inside The Magic, Photos Courtesy of Flickr

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...