30 de junio de 2013

Taylor Swift Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Taylor

Taylor Swift gives her fans a sneak peek at the commercial for her new fragrance, Taylor. In the video, Taylor plays with sparklers on the beach and sets the scene for a perfect summer scent. The “Red” singer says the new fragrance is more about her own personality as compared to fantasy. Taylor features top notes of lychee, tangerine and magnolia petals but still hints at hydrangeas and vanilla orchids. The base of the scent is sandalwood, apricot nectar and cashmere musk. The scent is sweet and fun, just like Taylor! Do you plan on picking up the scent?

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Acabamos de entrevistar a Bridgit Mendler de ¡Buena Suerte Charlie! y nos contó todo sobre su su vida, su disco y el próximo final de la serie. PORTI: ¿Cuál es tu secreto para tener más de 2 millones de seguidores en Twitter? Bridgit: Pues mira es muy básico, yo sólo pongo lo que hago todos los días, porque sé que esto le encanta a mis fans. PORTI: ¿Cuál es tu técnica para conquistar chicos? Bridgit: Ser natural, me chocan las poses o tener que fingir ser quien no soy. PORTI: En el primer capítulo de la cuarta temporada trabajaste con los Muppets, ¿cómo te sentiste? Bridgit: ¡Uyy, fue divertidísimo! Jamás me imaginé trabajar con ellos pero en realidad son la onda. PORTI: ¿Cuál es tu técnica para superar un corazón roto? Bridgit: Distraerme con amigas, salir al cine, a tomar un café y escuchar canciones prendidas. PORTI: ¿Cuál es la lección más grande que te ha dejado ¡Buena Suerte Charlie! Bridgit: Trabajar en equipo… Si quieres saber las respuesta completa de Bridgit no te pierdas una nota especial que tendremos sobre ella en nuestro próximo número. Read More:


Preiodicos de Europa y Estados Unidos han puesto sus ojos en ellas y hoy las llaman las "nuevas Spices". Como sabemos, las chicas fueron descubiertas en la 8ª temporada de "The X Factor" y su disco ya está en el top 5 de la lista de EE.UU. En Chile ya se vende por Itunes. Read More:

Dove Cameron Snaps A Photo With A Few Disney Stars June 22, 2013

Liv & Maddie star was at the Lone Range premiere last night and snapped a photo with Blake, Audrey, Joey & Jake ! Dove Shared: #LoneRanger premiere with these kids. #DisneyFam @joeybragg@audreywhitby @realjakeshort @blakemichael14

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Dove Cameron Interview With CelebSecrets4U At "The Lone Ranger" Premiere !

loadingDove Cameron Talks "Liv & Maddie" at "The Lone Ranger" Premiere with CelebSecrets4U !

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Selena Gomez: Macy's 4th of July Spectacular Performances! (Photos & Videos)

Selena Gomez: Macy's 4th of July Spectacular Performances! (Photos & Videos)Selena Gomez hits the stage to pre-tape her performances for Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular show on Saturday evening (June 29) at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J. The 20-year-old entertainer reportedly performed her songs “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down” three times each to make sure they got it right for the cameras! Earlier in the day, Selena did some shopping in the Soho neighborhood of New York City and made time to stop for some fan photos along the way.

 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 01 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 02 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 04 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 03 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 05 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 06  Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 08 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 07 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 09 Selena-fourth selena gomez pretapes fourth of july performance 10

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Disney Channel & Disney XD to Hold Open Casting Call Auditions July 27 & 28 in San Antonio

Have you ever dreamed of being on Disney Channel or Disney XD? Here’s your chance! Disney Channel and Disney XD have announced that this year’s annual open call auditions will take place SATURDAY, JULY 27 and SUNDAY, JULY 28 in San Antonio, Texas. The search for new talent ages 10-17 is part of Disney Channel’s and Disney XD’s ongoing initiative to find cast and develop diverse young actors, singers and dancers for series and movies produced for the kid- and family-targeted channels.Judy Taylor, senior vice president, Casting and Talent Relations, Disney Channels Worldwide, said, “Our annual open call auditions give kids a unique opportunity to showcase their comedic acting skills and/or singing and dancing ability and be seen by a professional casting director. We look forward to discovering a range of diverse, talented kids at this year’s open call and helping make their dreams come true.” The open casting call auditions will be held on Saturday, July 27 for last names beginning with A-M and Sunday, July 28 for last names beginning with N-Z from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on both days at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, 101 Bowie St., in downtown San Antonio. All attendees are advised to park at any nearby public parking facility. Parking will not be available at the Marriott Rivercenter. An application and monologue will be provided upon arrival, and minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There are no guarantees of employment and there will never be any fee to audition for Disney Channel or Disney XD. For more information, applicants can visit DisneyChannel.com/talentsearch.

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Demi Lovato Releases Adorable Teaser of "Made in the USA" Music Video

We're getting so excited because we just found out Demi Lovato is not only singing in her music video for "Made in the USA," but she's directing it too! By the looks of it, it's going to be completely amazing. The video is about a couple who meets at a carnival and falls in love -- how adorable is that? The guy, played by 90210's Dustin Milligan, and the girl, played by Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden, couldn't be more perfect for the roles, getting all cozy and flirty throughout the video. It's exciting getting to see Demi try out something new as the director. This girl doesn't know when to stop! We're just waiting for her to unleash another hidden talent any day now. What do you think of Demi's video teaser? Let us know in the comments!

Zendaya's "Replay" Cover!

We're marking our calenders for July 16 — the day Zendaya releases her upcoming single "Replay!" And though we have to wait a few more weeks to hear the new song, the star has given us something to hold us over until then: the cover art! The black-and-white photo features Zendaya looking crazy fierce — natch. She rocks a moto jacket, skirt and some seriously cool cut-off gloves, which show off her over-the-top "Replay" mani. She complements the edgy outfit with super-long straight locks (one of the many hairstyles Zendaya can pull off!). If you want even more "Replay" scoop, check out a pic of Zendaya on the set of the music video here. Are you excited to hear "Replay? Let us know in the comments.

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29 de junio de 2013

Readers’ Choice KCA Best Dressed List: RESULTS!

We asked YOU to vote on your favorite Kids’ Choice awards looks this week and we FINALLY have the winners for you! Read below to see the full best dressed list (chosen by BOP & Tiger Beat readers!).
Round 1: Floral

Round 9: Metallics Round 10: WhiteRound 2: Shorts Round 2: Shorts Round 3: Watercolor Round 4: Slime Green Round 5: Prints Round 7: Cutouts
                 Round 6: Crop Tops Round 8: Red Round 8: Red

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Hot Pics:Celeb Selfies

We love celeb pics in general, but selfies have a special place in our hearts. Check out this gallery of some of our fave celeb selfies!
Peyton List
Victoria Justice Taylor Swift Louis and Eleanor Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Zendaya  Austin Mahone Ariana Grande
Bella Thorne Ariana Grande Cody Simpson Taylor Swift

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Behind-the-Scenes of 1D’s Fragrance Launch

Last night at One Direction‘s Jones Beach concert in New York, we had the chance to see (and smell!) 1D’s first fragrance “Our Moment” before it hits stores! And after the first sniff, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the citrus-y scent.About two hours before the concert, we headed backstage to a huge white tent, with lots of pink decorations, for the launch. Though the boys were busy with sound check and couldn’t make it to the dinner (that’s okay, because the show was totally rockin’!), there was a life size cut-out of the guys to pose for pics with! So what does “Our Moment” smell like? When you first spray it on, you smell pink grapefruit and wild berries, but as it absorbs into your skin, the perfume’s floral undertones come out, like jasmine and freesia. And if the light, airy, citrus scent and the gorgeous pink bottle (the perfume itself is pink too!) isn’t enough to convince you, it’s also totally 1D (and Tiger Beat & BOP) approved.“I’ve tested it on my family and they love it — we can’t wait to show it to our fans across the world,” Niall said. After wearing it all night, we couldn’t agree more!“Our Moment” will be available in stores this fall.

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Mally ya tiene nuevo hogar

Mally ya tiene nuevo hogarMally, el monito que le decomisaron a Justin Bieber durante su viaje a Alemania, fue adoptado por el zoológico Serengeti Park en la ciudad de Hodenhagen, al norte del país europeo. El animalito tuvo que ser mantenido en cuarentena mientras los veterinarios del lugar comprobaron su estado de salud y ya se le permitió integrarse a otros monitos en su nuevo hogar. ¡Nos alegramos por él!

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28 de junio de 2013

YouTuber Performs "Come and Get It" Better Than Selena

Whether or not you enjoyed Selena Gomez‘s performance of “Come and Get It” at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards (or on Dancing with the Stars or on The Ellen Show and all those other places), we’re gonna just put it out there: This performance is better. At least vocally, since there is no dancing involved. #sorrynotsorry Two of our faves, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui, teamed up again to create the new, piano-filled rendition of Sel’s Bollywood-inspired track, and it is AH-maze. But that’s pretty much expected at this point seeing as how their “Heart Attack” and “22″ covers turned out. Watch above, and be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode of Trendin’ on Teen at 7pm ET where Kurt joins host Brianna Baxter and talks about his upcoming tour with Sam, what it’s like working with Victoria Justice and more! DYT the cover’s better than Selena’s original? Feel free to agree or disagree with our opinion in the comments below, or on our Selena Gomez message board! Love Selena Gomez? Then see what she did for this obsessed fan on Dear Teen!

Video: Maia Mitchell Talked About Working On “Phineas And Ferb”

maia mitchell bop interview june 27 Video: Maia Mitchell Talked About Working On Phineas And Ferb Maia Mitchell from “Teen Beach Movie” and ABC Family’s “The Fosters” visited with Bop and Tiger Beat about summer fashion and working on Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb.” Watch:

¿Están molestos los fans de Zendaya?

Fue una de las temporadas más competitivas de “Dancing With the Stars” hasta la fecha, pero después de tres meses de duro trabajo y con la ventaja de entrar en la final, la estrella de Disney Zendaya Coleman, tuvo que ver cómo el codiciado trofeo del primer lugar cayó en las manos de otra merecedora de ir ganadora, Kellie Pickler. Obtener el segundo lugar no desanimó a la estrella de “Shake It Up”, lo que sí le preocupa, es cómo sus jóvenes seguidores alrededor del mundo – y también su pareja de baile Val Chmerkovskiy, que tuvo que recibir catorce puntos después de que ella le diera un codazo en la cabeza durante los ensayos provocándole una herida- pudieran manejar las recientes noticias. En una reciente entrevista con MTV, Zendaya declaró: “Estaba feliz de haber llegado tan lejos, y creo que esa es la cosa más importante que me llevo. Me preocupaba más mi pareja (de baile). Obviamente, tuvieron que aplicarle puntos. Estaba todo golpeado y todos los fans en casa lloraban por él. Todos mis pequeños fans están tan tristes. Algunos padres me están twitteando, diciéndome ‘mi hija está llorando, no quiere ir a la escuela porque está furiosa de que no hayas ganado.’ “ Zendaya, que es la concursante más joven que ha recibido el programa, dijo que extrañará a Val ahora que la temporada ha terminado, y que nunca olvidará el vínculo especial que creó con sus compañeros competidores. En la misma entrevista también expresó: Cuando estás en este tipo de competencias, te acercas mucho a los demás concursantes. Realmente te sientes como uno para el otro, porque todos entendemos lo que el otro está viviendo. No es como una competición en la que las personas se odian entre sí, estamos todos juntos en esto. Durante la temporada, Zendaya fue una de las favoritas tanto del público como del jurado, obteniendo muchas veces la puntuación máxima: 30 puntos.

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...