27 de julio de 2015

Love It Up News 2 - Episode 1: 16 Things That Zendaya Instagrams That a Normal Teen Never Would

We’ve loved Zendaya since she first graced our TV screens on the Disney Channel hit Shake It Up! and even though she’s growing up, she’s still awesome and a total badass. Yes, she has killer style and seems totally down to earth, but she’s not your average teenager. Okay, so Zendaya is a lot more like you than most stars — she did just graduate from high school after all — but when it comes to social media she is NOT your average teen.

Zendaya’s former Shake It Up! co-star, Bella Thorne posts over-the-top Instagrams, so it’s not that surprising that when it comes to social media Zendaya posts some totally unrealistic pictures too. For starters the K.C. Undercover star LOVES expensive shoes, which we would also love if we, you know, had a TON of money. Oh, and she’s got her own billboard in Los Angeles. You know what, why don’t we just prove our point with her pics below:

1. Front row reunions. Don’t you and your BFF have mini reunions sitting front row at Fashion Week? Ya, we didn’t think so.

2. TV promos. This is basically the ultimate selfie, but way cooler. Not only does Zendaya have her own show right now, but she also has proof of it with this ad. It’s so badass, just like her.

3. Concerts on the field. Okay, we admit some people do get to step onto a real-life NFL football field, but Zendaya makes those people look like bums. She’s actually sung on the Carolina Panther’s field! #Jealous.

4. Heels that cost more than your whole closet combined. Z LOVES her Christian Louboutin heels and we don’t blame her at all, they are gorgeous shoes. Sadly, no teen could afford even one pair of these heels (they cost around $1,400 a pair) let alone numerous pairs like Zendaya does.

5. All hail the Dali Lama. NBD, Zendaya is just hanging out with the Dali Lama, like all the cool kids at your high school. Oh wait, that would NEVER happen.

6. But first, let me read my book. You all read YA novels like John Green’s Paper Towns, but none of us read books we actually wrote. It’s very cool but not realistic at all.

7. Sketch-tastic. Let’s be honest if someone drew you a cool picture like this you’d Instagram it. So we’re going to give Z a pass on this one.

8. Video cameos. Not only is Z BFFs with Taylor Swift, but she starred in her music video for “Bad Blood” as Cut Throat and it was epic. This is so NOT real life!

9. Goody two-shoes. We thought Zendaya was cool based on her singing, dancing and acting skills, but this makes her even more cool. If that’s even possible. The California native is venturing to South Africa as a part of the UNAIDS group. Btw if we could do this, we’d sign up ASAP.

10. Sixth Harmony. Causal selfies with your crew are a must as a teen, too bad our crew doesn’t include the lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony. #SquadGoals.

11. Working on her close up. The Oakland native is so cute and pretty, so it’s no surprise that she looks flawless in her photo shoots. Sadly, teens days consist of school and homework not photo shoots and looking at proofs of themselves.

12. Sneakers with a major price tag. Yes, you all have cool kicks and fun-colored workout shoes, but the 18-year-old actress gives us major #ShoesdayTuesday envy with her sneakers. They cost at least $700 a pair! That’s crazy.

13. Billboard babe. If taking selfies with celebrities isn’t enough of a clue that the Disney darling isn’t your average teen, seeing her face on a giant billboard definitely proves it. Unlike your normal teenager, who posts pictures for likes, Zendaya gets like a million mental likes when people see her photo on Sunset Blvd. every day.

14. Red carpet chic. Not only does Zendaya look fierce on the reg, but she gets to hit the red carpet circuit all the time and she’s always dressed in designer duds. Basically she’s living every girl’s dream.

15. Behind-the-scenes fashion perks. Some lucky ladies work in fashion or intern for super cool companies, but Z is all about the exclusive fashion moments. Seriously, how many people can say they shopped a designer’s collection in their private show room?

16. Model status. Fashion campaigns, magazine covers, TV shows… Zendaya isn’t normal. Sorry.

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