30 de julio de 2015

You’ll Always Have Something to Say With These Disney and Disney•Pixar Quote Shirts

When you’re a fan of Disney and Disney•Pixar, half of the time you speak only in film quotes. Sometimes, you don’t even realize it and then you’re suddenly saying things like “clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down” when your friend wants to switch chairs at the lunch table. If you love a good quote as much as we do, then you have to see these tees from one of our go-to stores, Hot Topic. From the sarcastic, to the thoughtful, there’s a quote shirt here for everyone.


Lanterns + Rapunzel and Flynn Rider = most romantic Disney scene ever. (via Hot Topic)


An important reminder from the first born of DunBroch. (via Hot Topic)

Alice in Wonderland

We feel you, Alice. (via Hot Topic)

The Jungle Book

One of the simple bare necessities? Friendship. (via Hot Topic)

The Princess and the Frog

We love the typography style of this Tiana tee. (via Hot Topic)

The Lion King

We hear this phrase is no passing craze. (via Hot Topic)


This is our favorite scene in WALL•E and we will now proceed to play the soundtrack immediately. (via Hot Topic)

Big Hero 6

Who wouldn't want a hug from Baymax? (via Hot Topic)


Like Genie, you are one of a kind. (via Hot Topic)


It's hard not to be inspired by Dumbo. (via Hot Topic)

The Aristocats

You tell 'em, Marie. (via Hot Topic)

The Lion King

Scar's sarcasm will never not amuse us. (via Hot Topic)

Lilo & Stitch

We love this cute 'ohana tee. (via Hot Topic)

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