30 de septiembre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Morimoto Asia restaurant grand opens at Disney Springs with the Iron Chef himself at Walt Disney World

With Japanese drummers, a Chinese lion, and a traditional Sake toast, Walt Disney World officially opened Morimoto Asia as the newest addition to Disney Springs, the shopping and dining district formerly known as Downtown Disney.

In attendance at the new restaurant’s grand opening were the Iron Chef himself Masaharu Morimoto as well as Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis and, donning his own chef outfit, Mickey Mouse.


Later, Morimoto filleted a huge tuna before turning it into a 60-foot long sushi roll with the assistance of attending press and VIPs along with Mickey.


The super fresh sushi was served as an entree to all in attendance at the grand opening between samplings of the new restaurant’s signature drinks, appetizers, and desserts.


Among the best starters and dim sum served at the grand opening were the tuna pizza (deliciously crunchy) and shumai (perfectly steamed).

Naturally, all the sushi served at Morimoto Asia is made fresh and is perfectly prepared. The main kitchen is downstairs, open for diners to see (check out that row of ducks!), and a sushi bar is located upstairs as well.

Dessert highlights included an elevated churro and a beautiful presentation of what amounts to a mango pudding, but made much more complex by the expert chef.

Only a small sampling of the restaurant’s premier entree were served, a wonderfully succulent peking duck.

The cuisine of Morimoto Asia is definitely not the same as his namesake restaurant in New York. That NYC restaurant serves gorgeous takes on classic Japanese fare – some of the best food (and priciest) I’ve ever eaten. The new Disney restaurant broadens the scope to encompass all of Asia, blending cultures and cuisines together for a different sort of heightened dining experience. (I will no doubt return soon to try a few of the entrees separate from this event.)

The restaurant’s decor is elegant, but welcoming. Private rooms are available for parties and VIP arrangements, sectioned off by curtains or sliding frosted glass panels with a distinctly Chinese flair.

Though he doesn’t speak English well, Chef Morimoto was kind and happy to take photos with his fans at the grand opening.

And his playful socks were definitely the talk of the event.

Morimoto Asia is now officially open at Disney Springs , replacing the former Mannequins night club in the former Pleasure Island.

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Post Courtesy of Inside The Magic, Photos Courtesy of Flickr

29 de septiembre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: 10 Artists You Need to See at This Year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival

It’s hard to imagine that there could be even more exciting activities at Walt Disney World during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Luckily for you, there’s more in store during this epicurean event, which takes place from September 25 to November 16. Every day at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, and 8:00pm, well-known musicians from every decade will take the stage for the Eat to the Beat Concert Series. The huge menu of artists performing is impressive, to say the least. Here are ten must-see acts we hope to catch during the festival:

10. Sister Hazel — November 5 and 6

You just can’t turn and walk away from an opportunity to see Sister Hazel (and if you caught the song reference in this sentence, then it’s proof you definitely need to be there). The band of “All For You” fame will take the stage the first week in November. Whether you’re a die-hard “Hazelnut,” or just a casual fan who wants to sing along to a ‘90s classic while eating delicious food, you’ve got plenty of time to plan your trip.

9. Smash Mouth — October 5-7

Smash Mouth might be known for “Walking on the Sun” and “All Star,” but we’re a little impartial to the version of “I Wanna Be Like You” that they performed for The Jungle Book 2. Here’s to hoping they play all of those songs when they step up to the stage to entertain Food and Wine Festival-goers next week.

8. STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas — October 2-4

STARSHIP, Mickey Thomas’ spinoff of Jefferson Starship, is primarily associated with the 1980’s pop songs and power ballads on the band’s album “Knee Deep In The Hoopla.” Even if you’re unfamiliar with the band’s catalog, you’ll get along just fine if you can belt out the chorus of “We Built This City.”

7. The Pointer Sisters — October 8 and 9

We’re so excited to see this group (and we just can’t hide it). You probably know The Pointer Sisters for their song “I’m So Excited.” What you might not know is that they have a host of other fun soul, R&B, pop, disco, and jazz songs. The trio of remaining members put on an energetic performance of their songs, spanning three decades.

6. Sugar Ray — October 14-16

The late ‘90s and early aughts were blessed with hit after hit from Mark McGrath’s band, Sugar Ray. Someday when your life has passed you by, you’ll sit around and wonder why you didn’t go see Sugar Ray at the Epcot International Food and Wine festival when you had the chance.

5. Rick Springfield — October 12 and 13

Best known for his hit song “Jessie’s Girl,” Australian musician Rick Springfield has been focusing more on his acting career in recent years. However, we’re pretty sure the Grammy-award-winning singer and guitarist has still got it when it comes to the stage.

4. Hanson — November 10-12

Does Hanson even need a proper introduction? We’ve decided that they do, and that introduction is simply the exclamation, “MMMBop!” This seminal boy-band group paved the way for future trios to come, like the beloved Jonas Brothers. An alternate tagline the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival might want to consider: Come for the food, stay for the MMMBop.

3. Wilson Phillips — September 28 and 29

The ladies of Wilson Phillips are already soundchecking at Epcot center in preparation for their performance. You don’t even have to hold on for one more day to see them play—in fact, you’ll want to get there tonight or tomorrow to see the talented ladies take the stage.

2. Chaka Khan — November 15 and 16

There’s no question that Chaka Khan is a living legend. The Queen of Funk is a ten-time Grammy winner and has seven gold singles, seven gold albums, and three platinum albums to her name. With such a wide catalog of top notch tracks, you’ll want to see her show at Food and Wine to see which classics she unleashes.

1. Boyz II Men — November 2-4

Although we’ve come to the end of this list … this is only the beginning of the fun to be had at Food and Wine Festival. And what would the festival be without the sultry, soulful sounds of one of the best R&B groups of all time, Boyz II Men. Our music editor has seen Boyz II Men and can attest to the caliber and magic of their performances. Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll even toss you a rose.

Who are you most excited to see at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival? Tell us in the comments!

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28 de septiembre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Mickey and Figment Celebrate 20 Years of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot with New Merchandise for 2015


Even though the Festival doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, merchandise was out in MouseGear today

Shotglass… I mean toothpick holder


They even have a new garbage can salt and pepper shaker for the Festival

We have plenty more photos and coverage from the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival coming over the weekend, so stay tuned!

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24 de septiembre de 2015

Disney Channel Star Dove Cameron Shares Makeup-Free Selfie: ''This Is What I Look Like Most Days, Y'all!''

Dove Cameron isn't afraid to show off her fresh-faced look! The 19-year-old beauty took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to share a makeup-free selfie as she continues to promote the Disney Channel film Descendants, which the Liv & Maddie star narrates.

Since she's been getting glam for her press tour, Cameron was inspired to post some "real life stuff" in an effort to show her followers that she rarely looks like her red carpet self.

"current state: pre hair & makeup, about to get ready for my next press day in Paris, France for #disneydescendants," the Disney darling wrote of the fresh-faced shot. "Slept in my 'I was into Minnesota before it was cool' shirt cause I'm missing my man @mccarya. This is what I look like most days, y'all!"

She continued, "Needed to balance out some of these glam travel shots with some real life stuff. Sometimes social media has a funny way of altering our perception of reality!," she wrote before encouraging her followers to also post a makeup-free pic, "Join me in posting a no makeup/no filter selfie and tag me in it so I can see your lovely natural faces! Loving you always, X."

Of course, Cameron isn't the only stunning starlet to flaunt her makeup-free mug on Instagram.

Back in June, Tyra Banks made headlines when she posted a "raw and real" selfie sans a stitch of makeup.

"You know how people say #nofilter but you know there's a freakin' filter on their pic? Or maybe there's a smidge of retouching going on but they're lying and saying it's all raw & real?" Banks wrote of the image. "Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me."

Banks, who has her own makeup line and previously said "I paint my pretty on" even showed fans how to retouch photos during Wednesday's episode of the FABLife.

"This is what they do in all those ads," she said after retouching one woman's selfie,

"And I feel like you deserve to know the truth because this is what happens."

Props to both ladies for keeping it real!

23 de septiembre de 2015

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: Disneyland Diamond Celebration Finally Receives An End Date

When the Disneyland Diamond Celebration was announced, we were never given an end date for all of the fun and festivities centered around the 60th brithday of the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney finally announced this week that the Celebration will not conclude until September 6th, 2016, so you still have plenty of time to “be dazzled” in Southern California.

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...