31 de octubre de 2015

Photos: Cast Of “Best Friends Whenever” Wrapped On Season One October 30, 2015

“Best Friends Whenever” has wrapped on season 1! Congrats to Ricky Garcia, Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Benjamin Royer, Matthew Royer and Gus Kamp!!

Ricky shared this nice group hug photo and said:

So happy to have finished an entire season with these awesome people!! That’s a wrap on season 1 #thatsawrap #season1 #bestfriendswhenever

Landry posted a black and white version of this picture above and talked about the season:

Season 1: ✔️ …

This group is so special; so proud of us. The whole cast, crew and all of you guys have made this season so incredible. Jed, Scott, Lauren, Gus, Ricky, Ben, & Matt: Thank you for the love this year. It’s been a crazy ride – can’t wait for the rest of it. xo

Along with this image, Gus said:

Called it a wrap on season one today. Landry, Lauren, Ricky, Ben, Matt, Jed, Scott, I love all of you. Thank you for a great season, and some great new friendships. Here’s to a season 2. #bestfriendswhenever

Happy for them!

Source: Dis411

Disney Halloween, Be Inspired — 10 Adorable Disney Pet Halloween Costumes to Make You Smile

‘Twas the day before Halloween and we really like looking at adorable pets dressed up as our favorite Disney characters. So we’re not going to sully the wonder with a lot of words, let’s just collectively squeal with delight over these cute pets and their genius owners:

These are human kids, and not pets, but they’re so adorable we couldn’t leave this out:

Source: Oh My Disney and Instagram

30 de octubre de 2015

JoJo Drops 'Say Love' Music Video - Watch Here!

JoJo just dropped the emotional music video for her latest single “Say Love” and you can watch it below!

“For the second visual off the tringle, I wanted something to contrast our stylized warehouse from ‘When Love Hurts’,” the 24-year-old “Leave (Get Out)” hit-maker told Buzzfeed. “This song called for something open and intimate, while focusing on the tension of being with someone but not fully being on the same page. Calling out for more. The backdrop of sprawling field and tall trees reminded me of autumn in New England, my favorite time and place. I had so much fun making this video and I hope you love it like I do.”

Buy JoJo‘s III. EP featuring three brand new songs on iTunes now!

Source: Just Jared Jr. And YouTube

Watch Ariana Grande’s “Focus” Music Video Here!

Watch Ariana Grande’s “Focus” Music Video Here! October 30, 2015 Right off the heels of wrapping up her Honeymoon Tour, Ariana Grande has given us the impossible: a reason to celebrate Friday.

Right at midnight on Oct. 30, the singer released her brand new single, “Focus,” off of her upcoming third album Moonlight! She even gifted her fans with the song’s music video where she channels her inner Lucius Malfoy with platinum white hair while still maintaining her signature ponytail.

Ariana has yet to confirm a release date for Moonlight, but “Focus” definitely has us wanting more. Let us know what you love about “Focus” below!

Source: Tiger Beat & YouTube

"Disney Halloween, Be Inspired: New Duracell Star Wars Christmas commercial hits me right in the feels

I think we might already have a contender for the best Christmas commercial of 2015.

The “Battle for Christmas Morning” commercial from Duracell features two kids living out their Star Wars dreams as they take on Stormtroopers, Tie Fighters, and the rest of the dark side thanks to the power of their imagination (and Duracell batteries, ‘natch!)

This was pretty much me as a kid. If it was you too, I don’t blame you for getting a little emotional. I sure did.

Source: The Disney Blog

29 de octubre de 2015

“Disney Halloween, Be Inspired” — Dis411 presents: “The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure” Premiering At LEGOLAND Florida January 2016

It was announced recently that Merlin Entertainments is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The LEGO Group to bring a brand new 4D animated film featuring the popular characters from “The LEGO Movie,” from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and LEGO System A/S, for guests to enjoy at LEGOLAND Parks and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers around the world starting in January 2016! Very cool! :)

Read more from the press release below from LEGOLAND Florida:


An exciting new plot, some of the original voices from “The LEGO® Movie™” mixed with 4D effects make for an interactive guest experience

Merlin Entertainments is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The LEGO Group to bring a new 4D animated film featuring the popular characters from The LEGO® Movie™, from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and LEGO System A/S, to guests at LEGOLAND® Parks and LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers around the world starting in January 2016!

“The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure” is premiering at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort on Jan. 29, 2016, followed by LEGOLAND® California Resort on Feb. 6, with the film continuing to roll out at LEGOLAND® Windsor, LEGOLAND® Billund, LEGOLAND® Deutschland and LEGOLAND® Malaysia. Shortly after, guests at the 11 LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers in North America, Asia and Europe will get to experience this thrilling new adventure.

Written by Adam Pava (writer of “The Boxtrolls”) and co-written and directed by Rob Schrab (director of the sequel to “The LEGO Movie” debuting in 2018) “The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure” is bringing back some of the original voices including Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Alison Brie (Unikitty), Nick Offerman (MetalBeard) and Charlie Day (Benny) and will introduce a new villain, “Risky Business,” voiced by Patton Oswalt.

“The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure” follows a new journey for Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard after they receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park where all of the rides are based on the characters’ adventures in “The LEGO Movie.” But not all is as it seems as the heroes are once again thrust into the middle of an evil secret plot, only this time, it will be up to the audience to use their Master Builder skills to help save them! Using elements such as wind, water, smoke and special lighting effects, the larger-than-life experience brings the film’s main characters, Emmet and Wyldstyle, back together with their friends for another awesome adventure.

The 4D movie is being produced by Pure Imagination Studios, Inc. in Los Angeles.

“Disney Halloween, Be Inspired”: This Amazing, Homemade Villains-Themed Light Show Wins at Halloween

When you stumble upon true greatness, you have a responsibility to share it with the world. So, we’re doing just that. Check out this video made by Tom BetGeorge of his absolutely amazing light show set to the chilling tunes of your favorite Disney Villains. While we wouldn’t want to be his neighbor, we do want to be his friend. Watch:

Which part of the amazing show was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Courtesy of Oh My Disney

27 de octubre de 2015

Disney Halloween, Be Inspired - You’ll Squeal Over These Photos of Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates-Themed Land

While we all eagerly await the opening of Shanghai Disneyland in spring 2016, the universe has blessed us with this new concept art of Treasure Cove, which will be the first ever all Pirates of the Caribbean-themed land in a Disney Park. Check it out:

1. A map of Treasure Cove

This Pirates of the Caribbean-themed land will open with the rest of Shanghai Disneyland in spring 2016.

2. Treasure Cove concept art

Art released today showcases the attractions and restaurants planned for Treasure Cove.

3. Art showcasing Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

It's only natural that there will be a Pirates ride. In Shanghai, the attraction's boats will spin, move, and trigger actions and music from their surroundings.

4. Art showcasing Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

You'll see pirates (of course), you'll see mermaids, and we hear you'll even see a kraken.

5. Art showcasing Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

As if that weren't enough, the experience will also make you feel like you're underwater at points.

6. Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular

Treasure Cove's got entertainment, too! There will be a live stage show featuring sword fighting and other stunts at the El Teatro Fandango.

7. Treasure Cove Explorer Canoes

Plus you'll get to ride some canoes!

Which part of Treasure Cove are you most excited for? Tell us below!

Source: Oh My Disney

26 de octubre de 2015

Can’t Get Enough Of Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony rocks the MTV EMAs performing their song “Worth It.” These talented young girls are so proud of their performance, asking fans to tune into the MTV EMAs. All five of the girls looked fabulous performing in their sleek, all black look. These girls worked hard to get where they are at now, starting with X Factor in 2012. Nothing has stopped them for being the best they can be. While working hard, they still managed to support teens, charities, and help bring a stop to cyberbullying. Keep doing what you girls are doing!

Twitter: @fifthharmony

Instagram: @fifthharmony

Photo: Fifth Harmony/ Twitter

Source: GlitterMagRocks.com

Good Friends Rowan Blanchard and Amandla Stenberg

Great to see awesome friendships. Disney star Rowan Blanchard and actress Amandla Stenberg have been friends for a while now. Rowan shares a photo of herself and Amandla together back when they were a lot younger. It is always a great way to share an old photo of friends when it is someone’s birthday. Rowan could not miss Amandla’s special day turning 16. Happy Birthday Amandla!

Twitter: @rowblanchard

Instagram: @rowanblanchard

Photo: Rowan Blanchard, Amandla Stenberg/ Instagram

Source: GlitterMagRocks.com

We LOVE Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” Music Video!

Kelsea just released the “Dibs” music video and, well, we’re all sorts of obsessed with it! The video features footage from her recent tour stops in York, Penn., Greenville, South Carolina, and St. Leonard, Maryland! It even includes sweet moments from her birthday celebration!

24 de octubre de 2015

Love It Up News, Season 2, Episode 5: COOL: Bella Thorne Announces New Movie Role!

Bella Thorne recently got a TV pilot picked up and now it seems the good news keep coming!

The star posted that she has landed a role in the upcoming horror-comedy The Babysitter from New Line Cinema. In the post she mentioned she is super excited to be a part of the film. We wish her the best and many congrats on the new role!

Una foto publicada por BELLA (@bellathorne) el

What do you think of Bella landing this role? Let us know in the comments and wish her congrats!

Source: J-14 and Instagram

23 de octubre de 2015

"Fanclubdis, Be Inspired": Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic adds food truck carnival

Foodies and wine lovers have you heard of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic? It’s a two-day event (Oct 30 and 31, 2015) that presents the best the fine restaurants at the hotel have to offer and a long menu of wine tastings to boot.

There will be more than 40 food and wine stations, 10 food and wine seminars, and more including the chance to meet the chefs themselves. I’ve found that talking with the wine reps can be very educational to one’s palate. Additionally, last year I did the wine blending seminar and it’s really elevated my enjoyment of all wines.

New this year, they classic will be expanding on the expansive list of delectable culinary offerings, wines from around the world and celebrity chef appearances, with an all-new fair-themed food area, Carnival Corner.

The new area will serve specialty carnival fare from themed food trucks. Among the nostalgia childhood-inspired comfort foods will be corn dogs and funnel cakes. For a twist on the traditional and for the first time at the event, guests can enjoy nitro kettle corn, a special kettle corn recipe served smoking with liquid nitrogen.

Guests looking to revisit their younger days with an adult twist can enjoy prosecco, served in a variety of exciting colors and flavors.

Access to Carnival Corner will be included in the standard admission to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic.

Tickets to the Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic are available as part of a hotel package or individually. For more information or to book, please visit www.SwanDolphinFoodandWineClassic.com

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Poppy Jamie x AMA’s Make An Announcement

via Poppy Jamie | Instagram

Poppy Jamie, the brit fireball presenter, announced via the American Music Award’s Snapchat three more artists scheduled to perform.

via AMAs Snapchat

Did Poppy say Carrie Underwood, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Selena Gomez will be performing live?!?! November 22nd get here already.

Courtesy of GlitterMagRocks.com

Fanclubdis, Be Inspired: VIDEO: New Trailer For “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Lucasfilm has just released the third and final trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again to a galaxy far, far away as “Star Wars” returns to the big screen with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters December 18, 2015.

Source: WDW News Today & YouTube

19 de octubre de 2015

R5 presentará #SometimeLastNight Tour en Latinoamerica

Finalmente se supo la noticia, R5 llega por segunda vez a Latinoamerica para presentarse con su gira "Sometime Last Night" con la cual ya recorrieron Estados Unidos y Europa. La banda ya confirmó fechas para Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru y Brasil. La noticia llegó primero con un tweet misterioso en el que lis chicos anticipaban a su R5 Family que próximamente tendrían novedades para ellos, fueron muchos dias de ansiedadpara sus fans pero la banda reveló la sorprea. La preventa comenzó el pasado 16 de Octubre.

Te invitamos a conocer mas detalles de estos esperados shows, habrá invitaciones, sorpresas y mucho mas. ¡Tu Radio Disney es la radio oficial de R5!

Fechas Confirmadas:
COLOMBIA — 29 de Noviembre, Royal Centre, Bogota
PERÚ — 1 de Diciembre, Parque de la Exposición, Lima
ARGENTINA — 3 de Diciembre, Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires
ARGENTINA — 5 de Diciembre, Arena Maipú, Mendoza
ARGENTINA — 6 de Diciembre, Plaza de la Musica, Cordoba
ARGENTINA — 8 de Diciembre, Metropolitano, Rosario
URUGUAY — 10 de Diciembre, Teatro de Verano, Montevideo
BRASIL — 12 de Diciembre, Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro
BRASIL — 13 de Diciembre, Espaco das Americas, Sao Paulo
PARAGUAY — 15 de Diciembre, Yacht Club del Paraguay, Asunción
CHILE — 17 de Diciembre, Teatro Cariola, Santiago de Chile.

Cortesia de "Radio Disney"

Photos: Cast Of “Lab Rats: Elite Force” Ready To Begin Their New Series October 14, 2015

It is almost time for the Disney XD series “Lab Rats: Elite Force” to start filming. A few nights ago, the cast had a chance to get together to celebrate their new show beginning!

Paris Berelc posted this photo on her Instagram as she was with her co-stars Kelli Berglund, Billy Unger, Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry.

She said:

Can’t wait for next week

Bradley wrote with this image:

What an elite force we are….

Looking forward to it!! Are you??

Photo source: Instagram

Source: Dis411

WDWNT Celebrates “Back to the Future” with the Complete History of Disney vs. Universal in a Special LIVE Broadcast


Set your time coordinates for a very special WDWNT live program this Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, as we celebrate the WDW News Today podcast’s most popular segment, Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary, and the date Doc Brown and Marty traveled to in the classic film series all in one unforgettable evening. We may not be flying around in cars, racing around on hoverboards, or wearing power laces, but we do live in pretty exciting time in the “Theme Park Wars”. Celebrating the studio that is home to the BTTF franchise, we are going to take an incredible journey over 90 year history of the battle between Universal Studios and the Walt Disney Company that was waged mostly on the theme park battlefield. From JAWS vs. Splash Mountain, to Back to the Future: The Ride vs. Star Tours, to even Harry Potter vs. AVATAR, we’ll take you through the storied rivalry decade by decade as only we can.

So don’t miss “WDWNT’s Back to the Future LIVE: The History of Disney vs. Universal” at 9PM EST on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, only at (“WHERE TOM, WHERE?”) Listen.WDWNT.com!

SIDE NOTE: Our sponsors at Theme Park Connection are also getting into the Back to the Future fun this week with a special event at their Orlando-area store! In celebration of October 21, 2015, TPC will be holding a special event, sale, and costume contest. Customers on Wednesday will find the store specially decorated for the event, as well as many items marked down to “1980’s prices”. Also, each person who shops with them in a Back to the Future related costume will get a $20 Gift Card to use in their store. The grand prize winner will receive a $250 Theme Park Connection gift card, as well as a Back to the Future prize pack.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Event takes place during store hours on October 21, 2015.

2. Costumes must be from the following categories- Old West (1890’s), 1950’s, 1980’s, the Future (as seen in BTTF Part II), or a specific character from the film series.

3. If you choose to participate, Theme Park Connection will post a photo of you and your costume on their social media sites. Winners will be determined by our Facebook and Instagram followers.

Again, the event takes place at Theme Park Connection between 10:00AM and 5:00PM on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.

Post source: WDW News Today

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Disney's Birthday, Be Inspired - Quiz: Can You Guess the Disney Movie from the 92nd Second?

Today is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 92nd anniversary! Their timeless stories have made us laugh, cry, basically all the emotions. Their characters are our friends, their adventures inspire and challenge us to be our best. To celebrate almost a century of movie making, we’ve created a quiz to test your animation prowess. Before you are the :92 second mark of twenty films. Your task is to guess which film they’re from! Let’s do this:

Start Quiz on: http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2015/10/16/quiz-can-you-guess-the-disney-movie-from-the-92nd-second/

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“I Didn’t Do It” Episode “The Rescuers” Airs On Disney Channel October 16, 2015

“The Rescuers” – Lindy and the gang scramble to book a big musical act to play in the benefit concert they are throwing to save an animal-rescue shelter. Meanwhile, Jasmine finally figures out her feelings for Logan, in a new episode of “I Didn’t Do It,” premiering Friday, October 16 (9:00 – 9:30 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

Olivia Holt stars as ambitious straight-A student Lindy; Austin North stars as the cool, ultra-laidback Logan; Piper Curda stars as the smart fashionista Jasmine; Peyton Clark stars as the obsessive germ-phobic Garrett; and Sarah Gilman stars as the loveable eccentric Delia.

Also: Karen Malina White (“The Proud Family,” “Malcom & Eddy”) as new Rumblejuice owner, Betty LeBow

“I Didn’t Do It” carries a TV-G parental guideline.

Source: Disney Channel

Photo credit: Disney Channel
Post Source: "Dis411"

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...