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30 de enero de 2016

Disney on Family — 5SOS’ Calum Hood Turns 20 — Celebrate With His Best ‘Bass Face’ Pics

There’s less than a month to go before 5 Seconds of Summer get back on the road for their massive Sounds Good Feels Good tour. But in the mean time, there’s a ton for the guys to celebrate, including their huge No. 1 album, their first-ever Rolling Stone magazine cover… and Calum Hood’s 20th birthday.

The 5SOS bassist is a “teenage dirtbag” no more, celebrating his big 2-0 on Monday (Jan. 25). His bandmates all took to Twitter to mark the occasion, sharing predictably hilarious messages for him (including a pic that can only best be described as “pizza party pass-out victim”).

As for Calum himself, he thanked fans for all the well wishes, and even shared one of his own. Because statistically, there’s definitely a 5SOS fan or two who’s celebrating their own b-day today. How thoughtful.

But we at MTV News are paying tribute to Cal in a much different way: by celebrating his best, funniest and most iconic “bass faces.” The dude is nothing but seriously talented and amusingly expressive, and that’s never more apparent than when he’s shredding his jet black heart out in front of millions people. Here are 20 of our favorite examples:

1. The “our music is so good it actually hurts me” face.


2. The “sup girl?” face.


3. The “catching flies with my mouth” face.


4. The “I forgot how this microphone works” face.


5. The “what is Luke doing over there?” face.


6. The “I’m going to wake up tomorrow with slime everywhere, aren’t I?” face.


7. The “take me now, god” face.


8. The “I just farted but no one can tell” face.


9. The “awww, our fans are so cute” face.


10. The “headbanging my heart out” face.


11. The “oops, I forgot my parents are in the crowd so I better tone it down” face.


12. The “wow, this lighting is really not flattering at all” face.


13. The “you guys are crazy and I love you” face.


14. The “being my most zen self” face.


15. The “whaaat does that sign say?” face.


16. The “I hope my tight AF pants don’t split right now” face.


17. The “I flossed today, see?” face.


18. The “are you not entertained?” face.


19. The “I kinda forgot the words just now” face.


20. The “I can’t believe this is actually my job” face.


Happy Birthday, Calum!

11 de marzo de 2015

5 Seconds of Summer Look like They’re Having Fun in Tokyo

5 Seconds of Summer is amazing. 5SOS on their first trip to Japan is even more amazing. We’re not sure what our favorite thing about these pictures is — Ashton Irwin’s numerous selfies or Luke Hemmings and Calum Hoods’ bibs — because it looks like they’re having so much fun! Read More:

5 de agosto de 2014

Is Ashton Irwin Dating Kendall Jenner?!

The guys of 5 Seconds of Summer are four hot Aussies loved by girls across the world. Even reality TV star Kendall Jenner wants a piece of these boys. Kendall hung out with Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood while they were in New York yesterday. Kendall’s friend posted this pic on Insta of the group having fun together. It looks like the guys forgave her for her Billboard Music Awards flub where she mixed them up with One Direction. Earlier that night though, fans saw Kendall and Ashton get into a cab together — GASP! Is she trying to make her ex, Harry Styles, jealous? For now it seems like the pair are just good friends, but maybe a romance will heat up later on? Do YOU think Ashton and Kendall would make a cute couple? TELL US in the comments below or on Twitter. Read More:

22 de junio de 2014

WATCH: 5SOS Spill the Inspiration Behind “Kiss Me Kiss Me”!

5 Seconds of Summer have been releasing tons of new songs from their upcoming debut album. And they are all so catchy! The latest song the guys dropped a cheeky tune called “Kiss Me Kiss Me.” The 5SOS boys are revealing where they got the inspiration for their song. Watch this video to hear the guys dish on the meaning behind their song. What do YOU think of “Kiss Me Kiss Me”? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to sound off on Twitter, too. Ver Mas en:

19 de mayo de 2014

Un One Direction confesó que está celoso de #5SOS!!

Es increíble que uno de los One Direction haya confesado que está celoso de #5SOS, pero así fue!! ¿Quién lo dijo? Liam Payne!!! Sí, el ex de Sophia Smith contó que admitió que los chicos le parecen excelentes músicos y que está un poco celoso de ellos…


“Ellos son muy buenos músicos. Estoy un poco celoso de ellos. Yo estoy trabajando ahora en aprender a tocar pero espero poder dedicarle el tiempo que ellos le dedicaron a esto cuando eran chicos. Les está yendo tan bien ahora, son la mejor banda para mí del momento”, confesó Liam. Para vos, ¿Estás de acuerdo con lo que dijo Liam o no?

Ver Mas en:

¡”5 Seconds Of Summer” anunció el lanzamiento mundial de su primer disco!


Los australianos de “5 Seconds Of Summer”, anunciaron mediante a su cuenta de Facebook que están próximos a lanzar el que será su primer disco titulado “5SOS”. Se espera que el disco este disponible desde el 30 de junio en Latinoamérica. El disco contiene 12 canciones en su versión standard y 18 en la edición deluxe. Ambas disponibles para reservar en iTunes. “Después de tres años, por fin tenemos que contarte que… ¡TENEMOS UN ÁLBUM! ¡Lo puedes reservar desde el 14 de mayo! ¡Todos quienes reserven su copia, obtendrán de inmediato una nueva canción y otras más!” Además, los chicos actuarán en la próxima entrega de los premios Billboard Music Award. Ellos se unen a una dinámica formación de intérpretes musicales previamente anunciados que incluye a artistas como Jason Derulo, Imagine Dragons, Florida, Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, John Legend y One Republic. Los Billboard Music Awards se transmitirán en vivo desde el MGM Grand Garden Arena en Las Vegas el domingo 18 de mayo, por la cadena ABC a las 8 pm. La banda de Lucas (17), Michael (18), Calum (18) y Ashton (19) han recorrido el mundo junto a One Direction y acumulan una enorme cantidad de fanáticos en todo el mundo, gracias a su EP titulado “She Looks So Perfect”, el que se ubico en el número 1 varios países y ocupo el N º 2 en el Billboard 200. La semana pasada estrenaron video lyric de su esperado single “Don’t Stop”, que ya supera los 2.5 millones de views y a la par estrenaron la portada para el nuevo single. “Don’t Stop” también es el nombre del EP/LP homónimo de la banda y la preventa de este single llegó al #2 en Chile, siendo un éxito rotundo.

Cover_5 Seconds_72RGB 10365824_756156754436793_6792017722384265038_n
Debut #1 preventa disco Debut #1 single_preventa album

Read More:

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