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19 de febrero de 2015

Video: Kelli Berglund Had Fun With BYOU Magazine’s B-Silly Ella

“Lab Rats” star Kelli Berglund had some fun with B-Silly Ella during her BYOU Magazine cover shoot. The two discussed having superpowers and even took on a tongue twister. Miss Kelli graced the cover of their Winter 2015 issue. Check it out here. Take a peek at this great video: Ver Mas en:

27 de enero de 2015

Kelli Berglund Covers The Winter Issue Of ‘BYOU’ Magazine! – See Her Cover Here

Disney Channel star from Disney’s Lab Rats, Kelli Berglund, is looking pretty and shiny in red as she covers the Winter 2015 issue of BYOU Magazine. However, this is not Kelli’s first cover! Inside the magazine, Kelli talks about staying positive and thinking positive when things get tough and how to keep a smile on your face. Not only will Kelli be offering her advice in this issue but she will be getting her own column to continue giving young girls advice! Be sure to check out Kelli’s cover in the photo above! Read More:

23 de septiembre de 2014

Photo: Rowan Blanchard Looks Super Pretty On The Fall 2014 Issue Of BYOU Magazine

BYOU Magazine has revealed their fall 2014 issue with “Girl Meets World” starlet Rowan Blanchard as their cover story. Miss Rowan looks so great, and I love the colors chosen for the cover. icon smile Photo: Rowan Blanchard Looks Super Pretty On The Fall 2014 Issue Of BYOU Magazine The issue is themed “Positive Friendships,” and the magazine has an exclusive interview with the Disney Channel actress. She shared the scoop on her new show, talked about how to overcome insecurities, and offered great advice on what to look for in a friend. She and her co-star Sabrina Carpenter give an insider peek at friendship and share tips on how to have positive friendships. Plus, you get two inspiring mini-posters of Rowan! Look for it on newsstands beginning October 1, 2014, or download it FREE today. Here’s an excerpt from Rowan in her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine: A positive friendship is one where you don’t have to talk about other people to feel better about yourselves. In a best friend relationship, you can keep each other grounded in that way and set a reputation for other girls; you wouldn’t want other girls gossiping about you so don’t gossip about them. In a friendship, you have to encourage each other to love yourself. That’s something my friends do [for me] and something I encourage all of my friends to do [for themselves]. Loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing to a healthy friendship. Read More:

13 de mayo de 2014

Photo: Bailee Madison Beautiful On The Cover Of BYOU Magazine’s May/June 2014 Issue

bailee madison byou magazine may 12 2014 Photo: Bailee Madison Beautiful On The Cover Of BYOU Magazines May/June 2014 IssueBailee Madison is beautiful on the cover of BYOU Magazine’s early summer B-SILLY issue with her beautiful smile and confidence. Bailee has starred in “Trophy Wife” and will be guest starring in upcoming episodes of ABC Family’s “The Fosters,” and although only 14, she is very wise-for-her-years. This busy young lady makes it a priority to have time for family, friends, and doing charity work, especially as spokesperson for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (see that story HERE). She feels her gift of talent that puts her in the spotlight also gives her a powerful platform to be a positive role model and make a difference in the world. And even though Bailee spends most of her days in a ‘grown-up’ world and is mature beyond her years, she understands the importance of being silly! In their exclusive interview, BYOU Magazine asked Bailee, “Are you silly?” She said: I am a totally silly person! I am the biggest dork you’ll ever meet! I will randomly break into song when I hear something that triggers it; I use puns all the time, and will totally say something out of the blue. I’ll act goofy and won’t really worry what others think. I like having fun. One of my most favorite things to do is laugh, and if I have an opportunity to laugh, I’m going to laugh my butt off because I love it so much. When you having fun, you’re just happy and you get to smile and laugh. If you take yourself too seriously, it’s not going to do any good for you or anyone. When you’re having more fun, your friends and people around you will have more fun too. It’s like a chain reaction. Read more at BYOU Magazine‘s site.

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