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24 de marzo de 2015

Disney en Familia: Demi Lovato Shares Sweet Photo With Her BF!

First of all, we want to congratulate Demi on her three year anniversary of sobriety! She’s a great role model and we are SO proud of her! :) She shared this adorable photo with her boyfriend Wilmer with the sweetest message:“I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for this man right here. But my love has grown to a level that words could never possibly express how much this man completes me. He’s loved me the way I never thought I deserved to be loved and with this day marking my 3rd year sober… After sharing my ups, putting up with my downs and supporting my recovery… he still never takes credit and I want the world to know how incredible his soul is. I really wouldn’t be alive today without him. I love you Wilmer” 
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8 de febrero de 2015

Demi Lovato Announces She's Working On 5th Album; Vows To Get Grammy Nom One Day

Why Demi Lovato isn’t a Grammy nominee is beyond our comprehension… The 22-year-old “Really Don’t Care” singer sounded off in a series of tweets about what’s to come in her career this year and JJJ is extremely excited! “Btw…. Excited to get back in the studio in days…. Are you guys ready for album #5???” she wrote late last night (February 8). “I’ve never been more confident in my sound. Never been so sure of who I am as an artist. Never felt this hungry and driven…I can’t describe my new sound… The only word that comes to mind is authentic. Very very authentic to who I am & the voice I have inside..” Demi continued, “What I can say is this will be my best work yet… Already game changing music and I’ve barely scratched the surface on creating this album. I am going to sing my heart out more than I’ve ever sang before.. To the sound that I’ve spent my whole life trying to identify.. I’m ready. F*** trying to make music that will appeal to the masses for the sake of hit songs. It’s time to share my lane… MY SOUND.. Because no one can take away my individuality or copy my best work which my fans deserve to see. I’m sorry it took so long to figure out MY channel but it’s here… The changes I’ve made… It’s a new journey… A new chapter in my life and I’m so f****** ready. #2015. I WILL get a Grammy nomination one day. No more fuckin around. Let’s GO!!!!!” Go Demi! ARE YOU EXCITED for more Demi music? Read More:

3 de agosto de 2014

Disney Beauty:¡Demi Lovato cambia de look!

Demi Lovato no es ajena a los cambios en su cabello, pero en lugar de irse hacia las botellas de color, fue por las tijeras. La cantante debutó un nuevo corte de pelo que mostró a través de una fotografía publicada en twitter: “Sólo fue más corto!! Sólo lo mejor de @ RiawnaCapri en @ NineZeroOne.” Acerca de éste corte de pelo, Riawna Capri, co-propietaria de Nine Zero One Salon señaló que fue totalmente espontáneo: “Definitivamente no fue planeado. [Demi] debía tomar un avión hoy, y quería hacerlo antes de que ella se fuera” Y aunque el corte de pelo fue improvisado, Lovato sí tenía en mente un look basándose en otra celebridad. Capri comentó: “Demi le encantó la textura del corte de pelo de Julianne Hough. Quería recrear esa textura en ella. Demi y yo colaboramos juntas en el corte. Quería darle algo que nadie más tuviera. Es corto en un lado, y largo en el otro lado. Un lado es de aproximadamente 3 pulgadas más largo que el otro lado. El lado corto toca su hombro, y el lado largo va un poco más allá de sus hombros. Es un pelo perfectamente despeinado.” La estilista señaló que el corte asimétrico es lo que está de moda en éstos días ¡definitivamente, Demi no podía quedar fuera! Ver Mas en:

20 de julio de 2014

Demi Lovato Releases New Cover Art & We LOVE It!

Demi’s looking absolutely fierce in the new cover art for her hit single, “Really Don’t Care”! She posted the photo on her Instagram account captioning it, “I just #REALLYDONTCARE” – check it out!
What do you think? Let us know in the comments :) P.S don’t forget to buy your tickets to Demi’s world tour!! Head over to official site for ticket info! Read More:

7 de mayo de 2014

¡Demi Lovato en Chile!

Chicas, suponemos que ya están listas para el concierto de Demi este jueves en el Movistar Arena. Como somos la revista oficial de Demi Lovato en Chile, les contamos los detalles de la exitosa gira que trae a la ex chica Disney a nuestro país. A finales del año pasado, Demi anunció su gira “Neon Lights Tour 2014″ en la que además decidió presentar su último disco titulado simplemente “Demi”. La cantante incluso renunció a su rol como jurado en “The X Factor” para dedicarse por completo a su carrera musical y su esfuerzo dio frutos: el disco debutó en el número 3 de las listas de Estados Unidos, llegó al primer lugar en la tienda iTunes en más de 50 países del mundo y su primer single, Heart Attack entró directo al nº1 en 50 países la semana de su lanzamiento. El “Neon Lights Tour” ya fue presentado en Canadá, Estados Unidos, Brasil y Argentina y después de el concierto en nuestro país, Demi viajará a Ecuador y México, para luego comenzar su recorrido por Europa. El concierto de este jueves comenzará a las 21 horas y se realizará en el Movistar Arena. Si todavía no tienes tu entrada, puedes comprarla por sistema Puntoticket. >Los precios van de $20.100 a $145.000.-


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12 de abril de 2014

Demi Lovato Plans A Soundrop Chat On Spotify This Sunday!

demi! Demi Lovato took to Twitter this evening to share thew news of an upcoming chat she has planned with her fans. Demi tweets, “Doing a @Soundrop chat on Sun 4/13 @ 11amPST on @Spotify. Gonna chat + DJ some songs, come hang out!!! #DemiSoundrop“ What songs would you like Demi to play? Be sure to tweet her your questions and click THIS link on Sunday for access!

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11 de abril de 2014

Demi Gives Her Hair a Break!

demi back to brunette

Demi Lovato is officially back to brunette. After rocking hot (hot, hot) pink hair for most of her Neon Lights tour, Demi has decided to take it back to basics. Why? Constantly dying your hair can be really bad for it. Demi was light-hearted about the change though. She even made a joke about it using a play on the lyrics to her hit song, “Give Your Heart a Break,” in he caption of the pic.

Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break... Oh yeah, yeah..— Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) April 10, 2014"

6 de abril de 2014

Update: Demi Lovato + Selena Gomez NOT Touring Together–Bummer!!

demiandselenaEarlier today we posted that it was possible that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato would be touring together and there was supposed proof from SongKick’s website showing the information. Unfortunately Hollywood Records has stated that the tour dates are fake and that Sel and Demi are not touring together. That is a total bummer. If this had been true then it would have been one heck of a tour for sure. Are you guys as disappointed as we are? NOTE: We apologize to our readers for jumping the gun with this story. We got overly excited about the possibility of this being true and we should have investigated it better. The old saying goes that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t true. We should have known this as we live by that motto.

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21 de junio de 2013

Fanclubdis Archives: EXCLUSIVE: Cher Lloyd Talks Demi, Plus Miley Cyrus as a Great Role Model

Cher Lloyd‘s got new music, guys. Except this time, she’s working with Ne-Yo — and her fans! As part of her stint with Fruttare Fruit Bars, the “With Ur Love” singer worked on a duet with the “Let Me Love You” crooner to create the newly-released “It’s All Good” song.

So, we chatted up the 19-year-old to talk about her latest gig with Fruttare, plus who she considers to be great role models at the moment — psst, Miley Cyrus is one of ‘em! — as well as some great collaborations she’s worked on recently.

(Anyone else have “Really Don’t Care” with Demi Lovato going through their heads right about now? Come on, it can’t just be us.) Read on for our exclusive Q&A, Brats! Teen: Can you talk a little about your campaign with Fruttare and Ne-Yo? Cher Lloyd: The campaign is based on a tagline of ‘It’s all good’ and looking on the bright side. So basically, we started this campaign off and the brand decided they wanted to use social media to bring the fans closer to actually help write the song. So, they asked the fans to send in #itsallgood moments, and we actually looked through the submissions, picked the ones we liked the most and we used them in the song.

The fans seem to be loving it, so I’m really happy.

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