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14 de abril de 2017

Rob Pattinson Gives ‘Twilight’ Fans Life: Admits A Reboot ‘Could Be Quite Fun’

It’s only been five years since the end of ‘Twilight,’ but in today’s world, nothing is really over. And yes, even Robert Pattinson knows that. In a new interview, the 30-year-old actor surprised everyone — and really excited Twihards — by saying he may actually consider bringing back Edward Cullen!

While promoting his new flick, The Lost City of Z, Robert Pattinson was informed that there were rumors of a Twilight reboot — something he had not yet heard about. “Really, they’re expanding it? So I’ll get my own spin-off?” he asked Yahoo! while laughing. They followed up their question by asking if he’d return if he got the chance, and he surprisingly didn’t shoot down the idea!

“I mean, I’m always kind of curious,” Rob told Yahoo! “Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But, yeah, I’m always curious.”

Yes Rob, it could be quite fun. And we have a feeling that that statement is enough to send fans into a serious frenzy. In case you forgot, the Twilight fandom was absolutely obsessed with him, as well as his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. However we wouldn’t be surprised if Rob stayed away from the Edward Cullen persona; he did admit that the craziness that surrounded his life from 2008 to 2012 has finally settled down a bit.

“It’s definitely calmed down in terms of my everyday life, but mainly because I spend more time in London, which is totally different,” he revealed. “And I’m doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better. I guess I’ve never really acknowledged what the fan base is, or even if I have one.”

HollywoodLifers, do you want a Twilight reboot?

1 de enero de 2017

See 17 Exclusive Photos From 2017's Most Anticipated Films

The LEGO Batman Movie (Feb. 10)

Brick or not, every Batman movie has three things: bats, brooding, and lavish balls where, as in the scene here, Bruce Wayne makes an entrance. "He'd much rather be doing Batmanny things," says director Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) of this moodier Caped Crusader (Will Arnett), who faces an identity crisis in this spin-off of The LEGO Movie. "He thinks Bruce Wayne is a bummer, but fortunately Alfred always entices Batman to go to a gala by permitting him to have a tuxedo dress-up party like Sex and the City." Well, sex and Gotham City. —Marc Snetiker

John Wick: Chapter 2 (Feb. 10)

This follow-up to the hyperviolent hitman thriller starring Keanu Reeves boasts a Matrix reunion between the One and Morpheus — Laurence Fishburne — who joins the cast as a character known only as "the Bowery King." "Laurence was saying he was a fan of the first film and was there anything in the second," explains Reeves. "I said, 'Actually, there is!' The Bowery King is a leader of this underworld in New York City, and he helps John in his mission." We suspect it has a high body count. —Clark Collis

CHiPs, March 24

As tempting as it may have been to poke fun at the '70s series about a pair of California highway patrolmen (Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox), writer-director-actor Dax Shepard (Parenthood) wanted to create a film update that drew inspiration from the Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon franchises. "It's definitely a comedy, but the stakes are very real," says Shepard, who stars as officer Jon Baker opposite Michael Peña's Frank "Ponch" Poncherello. "It's not happening in a satirical or heightened world." —Lynette Rice

The Lost City of Z (April 14)

When Charlie Hunnam agreed to play 19th-century explorer Percy Fawcett — opposite Robert Pattinson as fellow traveler Henry Costin — he knew it wouldn't be easy. The five-month shoot took him from his longtime girlfriend with few means of contact. But the separation helped Hunnam understand Fawcett's obsession. "I also had the benefit of shooting in Colombia, where there are somewhat cheap emeralds," Hunnam says. "So I was able to come back with a gift." Smart man. —Kevin P. Sullivan

Alien: Covenant (May 19)

Ridley Scott has learned the following from five decades of directing: "It's hard to scare people," he says. "It's a lot easier to make people laugh. But to really scare the s--- out of somebody? That's difficult." Scott has been doing exactly that ever since we saw a monster burst out of a man's chest in 1979's Alien. That cover-your-eyes kind of fear looks to continue with Alien: Covenant, about the crew of a colony ship who think they've found a great new planet when — surprise! — it turns out to be a terrifying one they need to escape. If 2012's kinda-sorta Alien prequel, Prometheus, was confusing, Scott says this film will provide some answers. "Covenant is really going to show you who did it and why." Michael Fassbender returns as David alongside Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Jussie Smollett, and—looking an awful lot like a certain heroine of old—Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). The actress was wowed by her director. "He's a master! He's got the energy of ten 25-year-olds," she says. Plus, "he's sadistic. He loves the thought of making people scream in a cinema." —Sara Vilkomerson

Baywatch (May 26)

It's no secret that Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are playing lifeguards in this update of the '80s series that starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson (both of whom will have cameos in the film): Paparazzi appeared almost daily on the movie's Florida set to grab beefcake shots of the cast that includes Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas) as Efron's love interest and Priyanka Chopra (Quantico) as antagonist Victoria Leeds.
"When you're out on beach and open water, there's nothing you can do to get out of the line of sight [of paparazzi], so we just kind of embraced it," says director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), who made doubly sure the flick included lots of winks to the series' signature cheesecake moments. "The history of the show is to showcase beauty," Gordon says. "There's a beat where one of the characters sees someone running and asks, 'Is she running in slo-mo? And why is she wet but not that wet?' Stuff like that shows that we are in on the joke."
But there's more to the movie than Efron's ridiculously hard abs, he insists. "Story was a priority for me," says Gordon, who cast the High School Musical star as an ex-Olympian hired to generate good PR for Johnson's cash-strapped lifeguard unit. "I wanted the action to be especially good. Fortunately, everyone was on board for that." On board and hot, of course. —Lynette Rice

Wonder Woman (June 2)

There is a point in any good origin story where the hero has to decide whether to step out on her own, forge her own path, and fight for what's right. For Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), her moment comes when she disobeys her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen); breaks into the heavily guarded armory on her idyllic all-female island of Themyscira; and steals the Amazon's mythical sword, the "god killer," before heading to Europe to help rescue humanity. "This is her moment," says director Patty Jenkins (Monster). "She's heard all the terrible things about man's land. But she's also heard that mankind is in need and under duress. This is her great moment to make the decision to be the one to try and save them." —Nicole Sperling

Captain Underpants (June 2)

Tra-la-la! This year may see the return of Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, but it will also introduce a new superhero in a cape (and little else). Based on Dav Pilkey's long-running and frequently banned kids' books, the animated Captain Underpants follows George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch), two fourth graders who hypnotize their tyrannical principal (Ed Helms) into stripping down, tying a curtain around his neck, and declaring himself Earth's newest defender. "[Helms] has managed to tap into the sheer stupidity of Captain Underpants," director David Soren (Turbo) says, laughing. "He's a delusional superhero who thinks he's got all kinds of powers and has literally zero ability beyond just that of a middle-aged man." Call him the clueless champion in cotton. —Devan Coogan

The Mummy (June 9)

In director Alex Kurtzman's shuffling-dead reboot, Tom Cruise is Nick Morton, an amoral tough guy who runs afoul of a resurrected ancient Egyptian. Russell Crowe is Dr. Henry Jekyll, and you wouldn't like him when he's angry. The film could also resurrect Universal's movie monsters — arguably the original cinematic universe. "It's our ability to sympathize with [these] monsters that has made them endure," says Kurtzman. —Darren Franich

War for the Planet of the Apes (July 14)

A girl stands facing a gorilla as the massive creature reaches out to her. In the real world, the scene is ripe for the evening news. In War for the Planet of the Apes, it's a rare moment of serenity. The third film of the reboot series picks up two years after the conclusion of 2014's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Caesar (Andy Serkis) is now a changed ape, battle-hardened and at risk of losing all sympathy for mankind. In a last-ditch effort to save his simian tribe, Caesar undertakes a desperate mission to find and kill the leader of the human forces, the fearsome Colonel (Woody Harrelson). It's during this journey that Caesar and his companions happen upon a young mute girl named Nova (Amiah Miller), a character who appeared as an adult (Linda Harrison) in 1968's Planet of the Apes and its first sequel. "The battle is not just between the humans and the apes, but in Caesar's soul," says returning director Matt Reeves. "The girl is his pull-back to his empathy and — for lack of a better word — his human side." —Kevin P. Sullivan

Dunkirk (July 21)

In May 1940, the allies faced a dire scenario. The only escape from Hitler's blitzkrieg for the nearly 400,000 soldiers stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, was across the English Channel. Over the course of eight days, the vast majority of troops were rescued. In the U.K., the evacuation of Dunkirk is considered a pivotal historical moment, yet most Americans don't know about it. That's about to change.
For Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan enlisted Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, and even One Direction's Harry Styles in his cast, but the star is 19-year-old Fionn Whitehead, a London native making his film debut. "One of the key things you came across reading firsthand accounts of Dunkirk was how young and inexperienced these soldiers were," Nolan says. "It felt very important to me, especially for Fionn's part, to find somebody very new." Whitehead, who plays a British private named Tommy, arrived in Dunkirk weeks before filming to prepare physically for the demands of the role, wading into the frigid water as practice. "I did a lot of swimming in a water-sodden wool uniform, hobnail boots, and with guns," Whitehead says. "It was hard work, but I really enjoyed it. What's life without a bit of a challenge?" —Kevin P. Sullivan

Okja (Summer 2017)

Don't call Bong Joon-ho's next film a monster movie. Yes, the Snowpiercer filmmaker rose to international prominence with 2007's creature feature The Host. And sure, Okja is named for another mysterious creature, but Joon-ho says, "It's a very shy and introverted animal. It's a unique animal that we've not seen before." The story follows Okja and Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun), a young South Korean girl, and their adventure leads to New York City. In one climactic sequence storyboarded here, Lily Collins' Red races onto the streets of Manhattan. "Red is part of a group of animal rights activists that figure into the story," teases Joon-ho, who filmed in the Financial District. "On Wall Street, it's the heart of capitalism," the director notes. "On the surface is a story about an animal, but it's essentially a story about capitalism." Nothing monstrous about that! —Darren Franich

IT (Sept. 8)

Hey, kids. Want to play peekaboo? Here we see Pennywise the dancing clown in his unnatural habitat: the labyrinth of the sewer system beneath the town of Derry, Maine. In the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT, Bill Skarsgård (Allegiant) dons the frilly suit and white face paint of this bloodthirsty jokester — just one incarnation of a shape-shifting evil that feeds on fear, misery, and the occasional child.
Director Andrés Muschietti (Mama) says this monster unsettles precisely because he doesn't lurk in the shadows. "Pennywise shows up, he's front and center, and he does his show. He has an act," Muschietti says. "So it's weird all the time, and every little thing implies a further threat." Watch out for his punchlines. They'll knock you dead. —Anthony Breznican

Blade Runner 2049 (Oct. 6)

Earlier this year, director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) went out to dinner in Budapest with Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford and found himself with a ringside seat at a fight they've been waging for 34 years. It was midproduction on Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to Scott's sci-fi classic, and Scott, who's executive-producing the new movie, had come for a visit. Over the meal, though, the friendly chitchat between Scott and Ford soon devolved into a not-quite-as-friendly squabble about the soul of Ford's character, Rick Deckard.
The original Blade Runner, set in a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles, centered around Deckard, a "blade runner" tasked with hunting and "retiring" (i.e., killing) four rogue "replicants" (human-seeming androids). In the years after Scott's neon-rimmed noir was released in 1982, hardcore fans have debated the seemingly unanswerable question of whether Deckard himself is a replicant — one who just doesn't realize it. Turns out Scott and Ford have been fighting about it all this time too. "It was very funny, I must say, to find myself in the literal crossfire of Harrison and Ridley, arguing as to why [Deckard] should be a replicant and why he should be human," Villeneuve says. Scott has insisted Deckard is a replicant. Ford and Blade Runner coscreenwriter Hampton Fancher have just as firmly been in the "no" camp. "As a fan, that's a dinner I will remember for all of my life." Villeneuve's fellow fans have been waiting most of their lives for this sequel, and on Oct. 6, 2017, the wait will be over. —Sara Vilkomerson

Justice League (Nov. 17)
We've seen Batman battle Superman. We watched Deadshot form an unlikely alliance with Harley Quinn. But the team-up that DC Comics fans are really waiting for is when the entire Justice League come together to save the world.
"I'm super happy with the chemistry of my league of justice doers," says director Zack Snyder (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), who's in the middle of editing the November release, which will delve into the details of how these individual heroes readjust their egos to fight as a collective. Turns out aligning these disparate—and outsize—personalities can be as difficult as fighting bad guys. Take Ezra Miller's version of the Flash, the League's overly excitable kid brother who uses humor to mask his pain. "Flash is Ringo Starr," says Miller, pictured here alongside allies Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). "He annoys everybody, but he doesn't have any specific beef with anyone." Miller also offers up Flash's blunt assessment of his fellow Leaguers. "Uncle Fish Curry [Aquaman] is very grumpy. Dad [Batman] gets grumpy too. (He's had a long life of fighting crime.) Wonder Woman is very considerate, so even though she's annoyed with the Flash, she's still very compassionate." Yeesh. Don't get him started on Superman. —Nicole Sperling

Coco (Nov. 22)

Between next summer's sequel Cars 3 and 2018's Incredibles 2, there's still a plum Pixar original on the studio's slate. Coco, directed by Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3), plunges into the rich cultural depths of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) through the story of Miguel (newcomer Anthony Gonzalez), a 12-year-old amateur guitarist whose family has banned music, believing it to have cursed their clan. When he discovers a link between himself and his dead musical idol (Benjamin Bratt), Miguel, in the scene shown here, sneaks into the singer's tomb and commits a (literally) grave act of guitar theft that inadvertently sends him to the Land of the Dead — and face-to-face with the very distressed souls of his great-great-grandparents. "We had this enormous responsibility to do right by this culture and not lapse into stereotype or cliché," says Unkrich, who secured an all-Latino voice cast (including Mozart in the Jungle's Gael García Bernal) and sought Mexican authenticity through story consultants and songwriters. Yes, Coco is packed with music, but Unkrich stresses, "It's not a break-out-into-song musical." Half of Coco's characters are skeletons, after all: "Breaking" things is a touchy subject. —Marc Snetiker

Our Souls at Night (Winter 2017)

Fifty years after they played gorgeously blond newlyweds in Barefoot in the Park, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford are reuniting for this drama based on the final novel by Colorado writer Kent Haruf. The American icons, who also toplined 1979's The Electric Horseman, star as widowed neighbors who begin sleeping together — as in, getting some shut-eye in the same bed. Though nonsexual, the relationship becomes the talk of their small town. In one scene, the characters check into a Denver hotel. "I nudged [Redford] with my elbow," Fonda says, "and I said, 'Duh, Barefoot in the Park, Bob!' I felt so girlish, and I realized I was nudging him to be less serious, just like I do in that film. And just like I do with him in real life." —Joe McGovern

28 de noviembre de 2016

FANCLUBDIS MOVIES: From Selma to American Sniper, new study gauges accuracy of fact-based films

'Information is Beautiful' journalist David McCandless surveys 14 movies based on true events


The multiplex is often where audiences go to escape the cruel realities of the world around them. The film industry has a penchant, however, for turning fact-based stories into dramatized Hollywood spectacles, though a new study conducted by Information is Beautiful finds several mainstream titles — from Ava DuVernay’sSelma to Adam McKay’s The Big Short — are surprisingly accurate when it comes to doing the stories of their real-life subjects justice on the big screen. 
Data journalist David McCandless, whose writing credits include pieces for The Guardian and Wired, and Information is Beautiful’s Stephanie Smith sifted through 14 films based on true stories — nearly all of them Best Picture Oscar nominees or winners, save for 2013’s Rush — released between 2010 and 2015. The pair broke down each film scene-by-scene, and compared respective titles’ staging of historical events to the corresponding material that inspired them.
Of the 14 films, DuVernay’s Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic Selma, starring David Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo, scored a 100 percent accurate grade, with none of its scenes, ranging from reenactments of the 1965 Selma civil rights marches to Jimmie Lee Jackson’s (played by Keith Stanfield in the film) death at the hands of state trooper J.B. Fowler, earning anything below a “true-ish” score on the study’s scale, which gives scenes one of five ratings: true, true-ish, false-ish, false, or unknown if there is no source information upon which to make a judgment.

Last year’s Best Picture winner, Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight, which revolves around the Boston Globe’s investigative journalism unit that helped to expose child sex abuse cases involving several priests in Boston-based sects of the Roman Catholic church, earned an 81.6 percent accurate grade, with a big scene toward the beginning of the film earning an entirely false label; the scene sees the Globe’s Walter Robinson (Michael Keaton) awkwardly meeting with one of the paper’s editors, Martin Baron (Liev Schreiber), to discuss the future of the unit. According to McCandless, McCarthy “chose to play on the insider/outsider dynamic, putting tension between the Bostonians & new guy Baron,” though, in reality, “Baron was accepted just fine, & respected by Robinson.” 
On the other hand, Clint Eastwood’s divisive American Sniper, about the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), received a 56.9 percent accuracy rating. 
“A lot of the events in the movie did happen, but Kyle’s involvement in them was repeatedly exaggerated,” McCandless wrote. “His tragic hero status was a Hollywood flourish – by all accounts (including his own) he thrived off his job and it didn’t bother him much.” 
The lowest-scoring film of the bunch, with a 41.4 percent rating, is Morten Tyldum’s The Imitation Game, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, who decrypted German intelligence messages to the British army’s advantage during World War II, though he was later prosecuted for being gay under the country’s anti-homosexuality laws. 

“Alan Turing did work as a cryptographer at Bletchley Park during the war and was arrested for homosexuality after the war. That much is true,” the film’s summary page in the study reads. “Most of the rest of this film isn’t. To be fair, shoe-horning the incredible complexity of the Enigma machine and cyptography in general was never going to be easy. But this film just rips the historical record to shreds.” 
For a thorough anaylsis of each of the 14 films surveyed, including Stephen Frears’ Philomena, Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, check out the Information is Beautiful’s page here.

26 de abril de 2016

OMG! ¡Tenemos la historia de la próxima película ganadora de un Oscar! (+ Foto)

Conócela antes de que a filmen.

No hay nada más codiciado en Hollywood que una llamativa y original historia. Y es que ante tantos remakes, parecen no abundar mucho.

Bueno, en caso de que algún cineasta esté leyendo esto le traemos lo que bien podría convertirse en la trama central de la próxima película ganadora del Oscar…

¡¿De qué se trata?!

Todos hemos escuchado o sido testigos de historias sobre mascotas que tras días o semanas perdidos regresan a casa en busca de sus amos. Sí, también es un tema que han llevado a la gran pantalla y lloramos con De Vuelta a Casa, pero créannos, Pero -así se llama el can-, este perro británico merece un premio de la Academia…

Luego de que sus propietarios lo enviaron con un hombre en Cockermouth, Inglaterra, para trabajar en una granja, el can escapó y viajó al parecer poco más de ¡380 kilómetros! para encontrarse con sus antiguos propietarios, cerca de Aberystwyth, Gales.

El aventurero viaje duró 12 días.

“Nos habían dicho que Pero había desaparecido, y no estaba por ningún lado”, Shan James, su antigua dueña contó a la BBC. “Pero días después vimos que estaba en nuestra puerta.


James aseguró que posiblemente Pero fue alimentado en su camino, ya que no tenía síntomas de estar hambriento. Obviamente, ahora permanecerá en el hogar de donde nunca debió irse.

10 de abril de 2016

MTV Movie Awards 2016: A Complete List of Nominees and Winners

And the golden popcorn goes to...

Last night MTV held their 25th annual Movie Awards hosted by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart — a raucous pair. And though the show officially airs tonight, we already have a complete list of winners in each category thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

Along with the typical categories, MTV also presented a few big awards. Will Smith was presented with This Year's MTV Generation Award and Melissa McCarthy was given the Comedic Genius Award.

Now without further ado, here's the complete list of winners from this year's MTV Movie Awards:

Movie of the Year:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - WINNER

Avengers: Age of Ultron



Jurassic World

Straight Outta Compton

True Story:

Straight Outta Compton - WINNER



Steve Jobs

The Big Short

The Revenant



Cartel Land

He Named Me Malala

The Hunting Ground

The Wolfpack

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Best Female Performance:

Charlize Theron – Mad Max: Fury Road - WINNER

Alicia Vikander – Ex Machina

Anna Kendrick – Pitch Perfect 2

Daisy Ridley – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Jennifer Lawrence – Joy

Morena Baccarin – Deadpool

Best Male Performance:

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant - WINNER

Chris Pratt – Jurassic World

Matt Damon – The Martian

Michael B. Jordan – Creed

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool

Will Smith – Concussion

Breakthrough Performance:

Daisy Ridley – Star Wars: The Force Awakens - WINNER

Amy Schumer – Trainwreck

Brie Larson – Room

Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades of Grey

John Boyega – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

O'Shea Jackson Jr. – Straight Outta Compton

Best Comedic Performance:

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool - WINNER

Amy Schumer – Trainwreck

Kevin Hart – Ride Along 2

Melissa McCarthy – Spy

Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect 2

Will Ferrell – Get Hard

Best Action Performance:

Chris Pratt – Jurassic World - WINNER

Dwayne Johnson – San Andreas

Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

John Boyega – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool

Vin Diesel – Furious 7

Best Hero:

Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - WINNER

Charlize Theron – Mad Max: Fury Road

Chris Evans – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Daisy Ridley – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (

Dwayne Johnson – San Andreas

Paul Rudd – Ant-Man

Best Villain:

Adam Driver – Star Wars: The Force Awakens - WINNER

Ed Skrein – Deadpool

Hugh Keays-Byrne – Mad Max: Fury Road

James Spader – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Samuel L. Jackson – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tom Hardy – The Revenant

Best Virtual Performance:

Amy Poehler – Inside Out - WINNER

Andy Serkis – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Jack Black – Kung Fu Panda 3

James Spader – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Lupita Nyong'o – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Seth MacFarlane – Ted 2

Ensemble Cast:

Pitch Perfect 2 - WINNER

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Furious 7

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2


Best Kiss:

Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine – Pitch Perfect 2 - WINNER

Amy Schumer & Bill Hader – Trainwreck

Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan – Fifty Shades of Grey

Leslie Mann & Chris Hemsworth – Vacation

Margot Robbie & Will Smith – Focus

Morena Baccarin & Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool

Best Fight:

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) vs. Ajax (Ed Skrein) – Deadpool - WINNER

Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) vs. The Bear – The Revenant

Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) vs. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) – Mad Max: Fury Road

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) vs. Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Rey (Daisy Ridley) vs. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) vs. Lia (Nargis Fakhri) – Spy

From: ELLE

29 de febrero de 2016

Oscars 2016 Winners: The Complete List

Lights, camera, action—Hollywood's biggest night of the year is finally here! The 88th Annual Academy Awards are well underway and the evening's host, Chris Rock, hasn't even stepped onstage yet.

Today's festivities are being held at the Dolby Theatre, just like previous years, and several actors have already been named winners before the telecast even aired.

Spike Lee, Gena Rowlands and Debbie Reynolds were all paid tribute and given their Oscar statues at the 7th Annual Governors Awards on Nov. 17, 2015.

At the time, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs released the following statement in honor of the three stars.

"The Board is proud to recognize our honorees' remarkable contributions at this year's Governors Awards."

Isaacs added that the Academy was "celebrating their achievements with the knowledge that the work they have accomplished—with passion, dedication and a desire to make a positive difference—will also enrich future generations." And that they will! Tinsletown's finest are slated to attend this evening's awards show, from Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, to Lady Gaga, Jared Letoand Michael B. Jordan, there will certainly be no shortage of star power.

So without further ago, let's take a look at the list of winners at the 2016 Oscars:

Best Picture: Spotlight

Actor in a Lead Role: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Actress in a Lead Role: Brie Larson, Room

Directing: Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant

Original Score: Ennio Morricone, The Hateful Eight

Original Song: "Writings on the Wall," Spectre, Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith

Best Foreign Language Film: Hungary, Son of Saul

Live Action Short Film: Stutterer, Benjamin Cleary and Serena Armitage

Documentary Feature: Amy, Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees
Documentary Short Subject: A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Actor in a Supporting Role: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Animated Feature Film: Inside Out, Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera
Animated Short Film: Bear Story, Gabriel Osorio and Pato Escala
Visual Effects: Ex Machina, Andrew Whitehurst, Paul Norris, Mark Ardington and Sara Bennett

Sound Mixing: Mad Max: Fury Road, Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff and Ben Osmo

Sound Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road, Mark Mangini and David White

Film Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road, Margaret Sixel

Cinematography: The Revenant, Emmanuel Lubezki

Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road, Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin

Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road, Production Design: Colin Gibson; Set Decoration: Lisa Thompson

Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road, Jenny Beavan

Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short, Charles Randolph and Adam McKay

Original Screenplay: Spotlight, Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy

Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award: Debbie Reynolds

Honorary Oscar: Spike Lee

Honorary Oscar: Gena Rowlands

28 de febrero de 2016

Alfombra Roja, / Estos fueron los ganadores de los Film Independent Spirit Awards (+ Fotos)

Otra pista de lo que podría pasar en la gran noche de los Oscars.

Finalmente llegó el gran día que cierra la temporada de premios de Hollywood, el día del Oscar.

Pero antes de que comience la emoción de la #AlfombraRojaE! y sepamos los nombres de los ganadores, se llevaron a cabo los Film Independent Spirit Awards en una ceremonia que se llevó a cabo en California, bajo la conducción de Kate McKinnon y Kumail Nanjiani.

Mejor película

Mejor ópera prima
The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Mejor director
Tom McCarthy – Spotlight

Mejor guión
Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer – Spotlight

Mejor primer guión
Emma Donoghue – Room

Mejor actor
Abraham Attah – Beasts of No Nation

Mejor actriz
Brie Larson – Room

Mejor actor de reparto
Idris Elba – Beasts of No Nation

Mejor actriz de reparto
Mya Taylor – Tangerine

Mejor documental
The Look of Silence

Mejor película internacional
Son of Saul

Mejor cinematografía

Mejor edición
Tom Mcardle – Spotlight

Premio John Cassavetes Award (Mejor película hecha por menos de $500,000 dólares)

Premio Robert Altman Award (reconociendo ensamble de director y elenco)

27 de febrero de 2016

Looking back on when Crash beat Brokeback Mountain for the Oscars

At the 2006 Oscars, “one of the biggest upsets in Academy Awards history” went down. Expected by many to run away with the honor of best picture, Brokeback Mountain was edged out for the biggest award of the night by Crash.

Brokeback went into the 78th annual Academy Awards with eight nominations, the most for any film. As the evening of March 5, 2006 came to a close, however, just three of those nods materialized into statuettes. Ang Lee picked up his first best director win, Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana earned best adapted screenplay for their take on Annie Proulx’s “Brokeback Mountain,” and Gustavo Santaolalla won best original score.

Now seen by some as one of the biggest misses in Oscar history, the Crash win came as a shock to critics and fans alike. Nominated for six awards, the small-budget drama about race relations in L.A. won best original screenplay for Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco, and best film editing for Hughes Winborne, in addition to best picture.

“Did the Hollywood-centric themes of race and isolation in Crash, along with a cast stocked with likable actors and actresses such as Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock, cause Los Angeles-dwelling Academy members to favor the movie?” SFGate questioned immediately following the win. “Did the almost unending media drumbeat for Brokeback Mountain cause the film to peak in Academy voting-member popularity too early, a scenario exactly opposite that of 2005 winner Million Dollar Baby, which quietly slipped into theaters in December and benefited from a concentrated barrage of last-minute hype? – Or is Hollywood really not as liberal as the right-wingers make it out to be, but instead filled with aging Academy voters who just weren’t ready to support a love story about two gay men?”

Said love story famously featured Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist and the late Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar. Then still a boundary-pushing movie despite the recent year, Brokeback made headlines for its sex scene and its deep portrayal of an intimate same-sex relationship.

“Sometimes you win by losing, and nothing has proved what a powerful, taboo-breaking, necessary film Brokeback Mountain was more than its loss Sunday night to Crash in the Oscar best picture category,” wrote the Los Angeles Times at the time. “Despite all the magazine covers it graced, despite all the red-state theaters it made good money in, despite (or maybe because of) all the jokes late-night talk show hosts made about it, you could not take the pulse of the industry without realizing that this film made a number of people distinctly uncomfortable… In the privacy of the voting booth, as many political candidates who’ve led in polls only to lose elections have found out, people are free to act out the unspoken fears and unconscious prejudices that they would never breathe to another soul, or, likely, acknowledge to themselves. And at least this year, that acting out doomed Brokeback Mountain.”

The upset was the finishing touch on what many saw as a lackluster ceremony for the Oscars.

“This was, by and large, a sedate and politic affair,” wrote The Guardian. “Host Jon Stewart’s monologue was gently satirical without ever straying into controversy, while the various winners seemed at pains to behave themselves. Even the distribution of awards proved to be unusually even-handed. There was no outright victor in the manner of a Titanic or a Lord of the Rings. Instead, Academy voters spread the riches between no fewer than four films. But when the dust has settled, it seems likely that the makers of Crash will be the most satisfied with the night’s result.

Even that gamble, however, was not quite bankable. Haggis, who both wrote and directed Crash has expressed since the 2006 show that he is hardly satisfied with said result.

“Was it the best film of the year? I don’t think so,” Haggis said in a 2015 interview with HitFix. “There were great films that year. Good Night and Good Luck, amazing film. Capote, terrific film. Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, great film. And Spielberg’s Munich. I mean please, what a year.”

“Crash for some reason affected people, it touched people,” he continued. “And you can’t judge these films like that. I’m very glad to have those Oscars. They’re lovely things. But you shouldn’t ask me what the best film of the year was because I wouldn’t be voting for Crash, only because I saw the artistry that was in the other films. Now however, for some reason, that’s the film that touched people the most that year. So I guess that’s what they voted for, something that really touched them. And I’m very proud of the fact that Crash does touch you. People still come up to me more than any of my films and say, ‘That film just changed my life.’ I’ve heard that dozens and dozens and dozens of times. So it did its job there. I mean I knew it was the social experiment that I wanted, so I think it’s a really good social experiment. Is it a great film? I don’t know.”

Todas las películas ganadoras del Oscar a mejores efectos, en un vídeo

El clásico King Kong de 1933 incluía la mítica escena en la que el gorila escala el Empire State y combate contra un escuadrón de aviones de combate, e incluso una pelea con un dinosaurio. Nunca se llevó un Oscar: no existía, por aquel entonces, una estatuilla para los mejores efectos visuales. El premio fue creado seis años después, con Vinieron las lluvias como primera ganadora. Todas las películas que han sido galardonadas con el premio desde entonces han quedado recogidas en este vídeo del canal de YouTube Burger Fiction.

Además de las ganadoras del Oscar por los efectos especiales, el recopilatorio de Burger Fiction –pareja creativa formada por los editores Andy Schneider y Jonathan Britnell– incluye los galardones que fueron precursores a mejores efectos: en su primera edición, en 1928, la ganadora del premio a mejor película (Wings) recibió también un reconocimiento a mejores efectos mecánicos. Después, el premio desapareció hasta 1938, cuando Spawn Of The North (Lobos del norte) recibió un redundante "reconocimiento especial a sus efectos especiales".

En 1939 nació el Oscar a mejores efectos especiales, que premiaba películas que destacaban tanto en efectos visuales como sonoros. A partir del 64, el premio fue renombrado como Mejores efectos especiales visuales y, desde el 74, como mejores efectos. Esta es la lista completa de premiadas desde Wings hasta la ganadora del año pasado, Interestellar:

1928 - Alas (Wings)

1938 - Lobos del norte (Spawn Of The North)

1939 - Vinieron las lluvias (The Rains Came)

1940 - El Ladrón de Bagdad (The Thief Of Bagdad)

1941 - I Wanted Wings (Vuelo de águilas)

1942 - Piratas del mar Caribe (Reap the Wild Wind)

1943 - Tiburones de acero (Crash Dive)

1944 - Treinta segundos sobre Tokio (Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo)

1945 - Un hombre fenómeno (Wonder Man)

1946 - Un espíritu burlón (Blithe Spirit)

1947 - La calle del delfín verde (Green Dolphin Street)

1948 - Jennie (Portrait of Jennie)

1949 - El gran gorila (Mighty Joe Young)

1950 - Con destino a la Luna (Destination Moon)

1951 - Cuando los mundos chocan (When Worlds Collide)

1952 - La nave del destino (Plymouth Adventure)

1953 - La guerra de los mundos (The War of the Worlds )

1954 - 20.000 leguas de viaje submarino (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

1955 - Los puentes de Toko-Ri (The Bridges at Toko-Ri)

1956 - Los diez mandamientos (The Ten Commandments)

1957 - Duelo en el Atlántico (The Enemy Below)

1958 - El pequeño gigante (tom thumb)

1959 - Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur)

1960 - El tiempo en sus manos (The Time Machine)

1961 - Los cañones de Navarone (The Guns of Navarone)

1962 - El día más largo (The Longest Day)

1963 - Cleopatra (Cleopatra)

1964 - Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

1965 - Operación Trueno (Thunderball)

1966 - Viaje alucinante (Fantastic Voyage)

1967 - Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle)

1968 - 2001: Una odisea en el espacio (2001: A Space Odyssey)

1969 - Atrapados en el espacio (Marooned)

1970 - Tora! Tora! Tora! (Tora! Tora! Tora!)

1971 - La bruja novata (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

1972 - La aventura del Poseidón (The Poseidon Adventure)

1974 - Terremoto (Earthquake)

1975 - Hindenburg (The Hindenburg)

1976 - King Kong y La fuga de Logan (Logan's Run)

1977 - La Guerra de las Galaxias (Star Wars)

1978 - Superman: la película (Superman: The Movie)

1979 - Alien, el octavo pasajero (Alien)

1980 - El Imperio contraataca (Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)

1981 - En busca del arca perdida (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

1982 - E. T.: El extraterrestre (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)

1983 - El retorno del Jedi o El regreso del Jedi (Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi)

1984 - Indiana Jones y el templo maldito (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

1985 - Cocoon (Cocoon)

1986 - Aliens, el regreso (Aliens)

1987 - El chip prodigioso (Innerspace)

1988 - ¿Quién engañó a Roger Rabbit? (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

1989 - El Abismo (The Abyss)

1990 - Desafío total (Total Recall)

1991 - Terminator 2: El juicio final (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

1992 - La muerte os sienta bien (Death Becomes Her)

1993 - Parque Jurásico (Jurassic Park)

1994 - Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)

1995 - Babe, el cerdito valiente (Babe)

1996 - Independence Day (Independence Day)

1997 - Titanic (Titanic)

1998 - Más allá de los sueños (What Dreams May Come)

1999 - Matrix (The Matrix)

2000 - Gladiator (Gladiator)

2001 - El Señor de los Anillos: la Comunidad del Anillo (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

2002 - El Señor de los Anillos: las dos torres (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

2003 - El Señor de los Anillos: el retorno del Rey (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

2004 - Spider-Man 2

2005 - King Kong (King Kong)

2006 - Piratas del Caribe: El cofre del hombre muerto (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest)

2007 - La brújula dorada (The Golden Compass)

2008 - El curioso caso de Benjamin Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

2009 - Avatar

2010 - Origen (Inception)

2011 - La invención de Hugo (Hugo)

2012 - La vida de Pi (Life of Pi)

2013 - Gravity

2014 - Interstellar

25 de febrero de 2016

Oscars: Vice President Joe Biden to Introduce Lady Gaga Performance

She's nominated for best original song for "Til It Happens To You" from the documentary 'The Hunting Ground.'

Vice President Joe Biden will attend the Oscars on Sunday and introduce Lady Gaga's performance of "Til It Happens to You," an administration official confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

The singer is nominated for best original song for her and Diane Warren's composition from the documentary The Hunting Ground, about campus sexual assault.

Biden is a longtime advocate against sexual assault and domestic violence and the author of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act and will use the opportunity to call on everyone watching to visit to take the pledge to stand up, speak out and help change the culture around sexual assault. Biden has been one of the main advocates for the "It's On Us" campaign, which asks people to pledge to to recognize that sex without consent is assault, intervene instead of standing by if an act of sexual assault is taking place and create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

The video for Gaga's song included a link to the "It's On Us" website. The singer recently opened up about being raped as a teenager by a producer she was working with, speaking about the experience during a December New York Times panel to promote The Hunting Ground.

“Because of the way that I dress, and the way that I'm provocative as a person, I thought that I had brought it on myself in some way, that it was my fault," Gaga told the panel.

"I didn't tell anyone for, I think, seven years," she added. "I didn't know how to think about it. I didn't know how to accept it. I didn't know how not to blame myself, or think it was my fault. It was something that really changed my life. It changed who I was completely."

In the best original song category, Gaga and Warren are up against songs from The Weeknd ("Earned It" from Fifty Shades of Grey), Sam Smith ("Writing's On The Wall" from Spectre), David Lang ("Simple Song #3" from Youth) and J. Ralph and Anohni ("Manta Ray" from Racing Extinction).

Biden isn't the first sitting vice president to attend the Oscars. In 1931, then-Vice President Charles Curtis attended the 4th Academy Awards on President Herbert Hoover's behalf.

First lady Michelle Obama also appeared live via video at the 2013 Academy Awards, to present the award for best picture to Ben Affleck's Argo.

Last month, President Obama weighed in on the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity among this year's Oscar nominees, saying, as many people have, that the Oscars debate is a reflection of a larger issue and question about inclusion: "Are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot?"

Obama said the film industry should do the same thing as other businesses and "provide opportunity to everybody."

The vice president will attend the Oscars with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

24 de febrero de 2016

Oscars 2016: Who Should Be Your Hot Date To The Academy Awards?

The Oscars are almost here which means it’s time to find a date for the big night! Take this QUIZ to find out if Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, or another hot actor is your perfect fit.

Will your Academy Awards date be nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, or will you be canoodling in the audience alongside Michael B. Jordan, Chris Evans, or Ryan Gosling?


The good news? All four of these eligible bachelors are, in fact, eligible. Even Ryan Gosling, who is romantically linked to longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes, is still technically on the market thanks to the fact they aren’t married. (Er, at least as far as we know!)

No matter who your Oscar date ends up being, know this: you’ll have one of the hottest guys in the building on your arm, toasting champagne with you, and later escorting you to the most exclusive after parties in the world. Or maybe just a trip to In-N-Out before crashing on the couch together. Either way, you’re the real winner!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Which one of these Hollywood hotties did YOU get as your potential date to the Oscars? Do you agree with the answer? Comment below to let us know!

14 de febrero de 2016

"Happy Disney Valentine's Day" - 15 películas románticas que debes ver en San Valentín

Este 14 de febrero se celebra el Día del Amor y la Amistad. Para celebrarlo a lo grande, aquí te traemos 15 películas románticas que no puedes perderte en esta fecha tan especial.

Amar a Morir
Esta película de acción y drama narra la vida de Alejandro (José María de Tavira), un heredero de un millonario banquero que sufre un accidente, evento que lo lleva a enamorarse y a cuestionar todo en su vida.

Amarte Duele
Esta cinta cuenta la historia de dos familias que se odian porque pertenecen a clases sociales distintas, lo que no evita que sus hijos terminen muy enamorados el uno del otro.

Arráncame La Vida
Un triángulo amoroso donde Ana Claudia Talancón tendrá que elegir entre la relación con su esposo machista o su aventura pasajera con un músico romántico y empedernido.

Crazy, Stupid, Love
La historia de un hombre (Steve Carell) que piensa que su mundo se acaba cuando su esposa le pide el divorcio (Julianne Moore), perspectiva que es sacudida por un chico (Ryan Gosling) que lo ayuda a superar la tristeza sacándolo a conocer a nuevas mujeres.

Fifty Shades of Grey
La erótica y sensual historia de Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) y del galán Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) no debe faltar en ninguna lista de películas de San Valentín.

Friends With Benefits
Justin Timberlake y Mila Kunis interpretan a dos amigos que llegan a la conclusión que el sexo no debe implicar compromisos emocionales. Es así como la pareja termina convirtiéndose en amigos con derechos.

Love Actually
Love Actually sigue la vida de ocho parejas, sus historias de amor, lo bueno, lo malo y los desafíos que tienen que lidiar antes de Navidad.

Pulling Strings
Después de una noche de fiesta, Rachel (Laura Ramsey), una diplomática que trabaja en la ciudad de México, pierde una importante computadora, luego de negarle la visa a Alejandro (Jaime Camil), un cantante de Mariachi quien hará lo imposible por recuperar el ordenador.

Romeo & Juliet
Esta es la historia de amor más conocida alrededor del mundo y la versión protagonizada por Leonardo DiCaprio y Claire Daines es imperdible.

Sleepless In Seattle
Protagonizada por Tom Hanks y Meg Ryan, esta cinta trata de un niño que se conecta con una estación de radio para tratar de encontrarle una nueva esposa a su papá.

The Fault In Our Stars
Hazel (Shailene Woodley) y Augustus (Ansel Elgort) son dos jóvenes enamorados que están luchando contra el cáncer en esta emotiva película basada en el libro de John Green.

The Notebook
La historia romántica entre Noah (Ryan Gosling) y Allie (Rachel McAdams) en los años 40 se ha convertido en una película clásica de la época de San Valentín. Noah es un humilde trabajador y ella una joven de alta sociedad quienes lucharán para defender su amor prohibido.

When Harry Met Sally
Esta comedia romántica nos cuenta la historia de dos mejores amigos, interpretados por Meg Ryan y Billy Crystal, quienes se conocen por muchos años antes de enamorarse.

A La Mala
Aislinn Derbez interpreta a María Laura, una aspirante a actriz que encuentra trabajo desenmascarando hombres infieles. Es acá cuando una de sus "víctimas" tocará el corazón de "Mala" lo que hace que la protagonista se enamore de los encantos de este chico.

El cuento clásico revive con las actuaciones de Lily James y Richard Madden. Esta historia de amor siempre hace suspirar a más de uno.

11 de febrero de 2016

"Harry Potter y el niño maldito", el 8º libro de la saga

Un octavo libro de la saga Harry Potter se publicará el próximo mes de julio e incluirá el guion de la nueva obra de teatro que cuenta la historia del mago. Una versión en tapa dura de "Harry Potter y el niño maldito, Partes I y II" se publicará el 31 de julio, el día después del estreno de la obra sobre el escenario en la capital británica, Londres. En la obra se ve a Harry como padre y empleado con exceso de trabajo en el Ministerio de la Magia. La obra surge a partir de una nueva historia original de JK Rowling, Jack Thorne y John Tiffany.

"Harry Potter y el niño maldito" narrará las vivencias sin contar del mago cuando era joven, incluida la historia de la vida de sus padres asesinados, adelantó Rowling.

El libro retoma la historia 19 años después de la última vez que se vio a Harry en "Las reliquias mortales", y se centra en Albus Severus, uno de los hijos del mago con su esposa Ginny Weasley, tras enviar a sus dos hijos mayores a la escuela Hogwarts.

Peticiones de los fans El libro electrónico con el guion será publicado a la vez que las ediciones impresas.

David Shelley, jefe ejecutivo de la editorial Little, Brown Book Group dijo: "Estamos muy entusiasmados con la idea de publicar el guion de 'Harry Potter y el niño maldito'.

Los fans de Harry Potter le pidieron varias veces a JK Rowling que convirtiera la historia en una obra "JK Rowling y su equipo recibieron gran cantidad de peticiones de los seguidores que no pueden estar en Londres para ver la obra y a quienes les gustaría leer la obra en formato de libro, así que estamos absolutamente encantados de poder hacerlo posible para ellos".

La edición especial del guion contendrá la versión temprana de la obra en su periodo de revisión y por tanto estará sujeta a cambios antes del estreno oficial.

Los preestrenos de "Harry Potter y el niño maldito" empiezan en mayo en el Palace Theatre de Londres, con ambas obras previstas para ser estrenadas el 30 de julio. La obra en tapa dura y el libro electrónico saldrán a la venta a la 1 de la madrugada el 31 de julio.

La obra será estrenada en el Palace Theatre de Londres. Jamie Parker, que actualmente protagoniza el espectáculo Guys and Dolls en el West End londinense, interpretará al Harry adulto en la producción.

Norma Dumezweni, conocida por su papel merecedor de un premio Olivier 2006 en A Raisin in the Sun (Una pasa en el sol) y por sustituir a última hora a Kim Cattrall en Linda en el Royal Court, interpretará a Hermione Granger.

La estrella de London Road Paul Thornley asumirá el papel de Ron Weasley.

La obra se anunció por primera vez en diciembre de 2013, después de que la autora revelara que había recibido "innumerables peticiones a través de los años para que convirtiera Harry Potter en una producción teatral".

Los fans de Harry Potter le pidieron varias veces a JK Rowling que convirtiera la historia en una obra

La obra será estrenada en el Palace Theatre de Londres.

Fuente: BBC Mundo

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...