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7 de abril de 2017

Disney Underwear Star News: 15 Bralettes You Can Actually Wear If You Have Big Boobs

If you have breasts that veer towards the larger side of the spectrum–you know, anything in the D+ range —bralettes are probably an item of clothing that you think of as being totally off limits. Bralettes are fashionable, sure, and they pop up on pretty much every style blogger’s Instagram page, particularly in the spring, but there also seems to be some sort of implicit agreement that goes along with wearing them that, if you choose to do so, your boobs can’t be too big. Most bralettes you see don’t actually offer that much support so, to wear one, you pretty much have to be comfortable with feeling like you aren’t even wearing a bra. If you have big boobs? That’s not going to happen.
Fortunately, there’s no need to adhere to this (B.S. and unfair, frankly) agreement anymore. Many lingerie companies have started making bralettes that can actually support big boobs and, what’s more, actually look cute. It’s unclear why it even took this long, but hey–progress is progress, right So, check out these bralettes that you can actually wear if you have big boobs:
1. Look for one with big cups and an elastic strap so you have the support of a bra without the pinching:

Buy this for $35 from Lively 
2. If you get one with a longer base and some more structure (like the sequins here) you can wear it as a top on its own:

Buy this for $35 from Amparo 
3. Webbing above the cups looks cool and adds some extra support, too:

Buy this for $17.21 from Deb Shops 
4. This is technically a bathing suit, but it would totally work as a bralette–the high neck and lacing between the cups should help keep everything in check:

Una publicaci贸n compartida de Wolf & Whistle (@wolfandwhistle) el

Buy this for $58 from Asos
5. If you’re really into feeling supported, this bralette from Cosabella has underwire to make it feel like a real bra, but still maintains the style of a bralette: 

Una publicaci贸n compartida de Official Cosabella 馃憴 (@shopcosabella) el

Buy this for $50 from Cosabella 
6. Adjustable straps (and a wider elastic band) also help with support:

Buy this for $40 from Bendon Lingerie 
7. Any bralette with a racerback will offer more support, since it has more straps in the back:

Una publicaci贸n compartida de aerie (@aerie) el

Buy this for $20 from Aerie 
8. Halter-cut bralettes can also help keep your boobs comfy:

Una publicaci贸n compartida de hipsandcurves (@hipsandcurves) el

Buy this for $35.95 from Hips and Curves 
9. If your bralette has a high neck, you can pair it with a tank top (or wear it as is):

Una publicaci贸n compartida de Addition Elle (@additionelle) el

Buy this for $40 from Addition Elle 
10. Don’t feel like wearing a bra at all? Try a bodysuit–this offers more support, since it has more fabric, without having to rely on underwire:

Una publicaci贸n compartida de torridfashion (@torridfashion) el

Buy this for $42.90 from Torrid 
11. Anything with thick fabric is good, too:

Buy this for $15 from Lingerie Diva 
12. Try a bralette that’s cut like a sports bra–if it has a mesh cutout, like the one here, it’s a cute addition to pretty much any outfit while still offering sufficient support:

Buy a similar one for $20 from Aerie 
13. Thick straps + lace make bralettes super wearable:

Una publicaci贸n compartida de Lovesick (@lovesickfashion) el

Buy this for $18.67 from Lovesick 
14. The moral here?

Una publicaci贸n compartida de Lovesick (@lovesickfashion) el

Buy this for $18.67 from Lovesick 
15. Girls with big boobs can totally wear bralettes. Period:

Buy this for $36.95 from Hips and Curves
Would you wear any of these bralettes? Do you have any other suggestions for wearing bralettes if you have big boobs? Let us know in the comments!

31 de mayo de 2016

How to Score the Strappy Bikinis Kendall and Kylie Wore to Their Pool Party

Flame emoji.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner did what every fun-loving teen does on Memorial Day Weekend:they threw a pool party. Guests like Hailey Baldwin and Jaden Smith were treated to an endless supply of burgers, homemade chicken alfredo, and plenty of poolside photo shoots.

Naturally, the swimwear designers wore the hottest bikini style of the season: strappy suits! Weird tan lines be damned. Kylie posed in a black cage bikini while Kendall opted for a white strappy two piece by Mia Marcelle.

And their besties kept the bikini trend going: Hailey Baldwin went the colorblock route in a Solid & Striped suit, and Jordyn Woods chose a gold halter bikini.

One-pieces are all the rage this season, but Kendall, Kylie and crew make strappy bikinis look just as cool.

No one's surprised that the youngest Jenner sister wore the most daring bikini at the party.

Jordyn Woods looked stunning in a gold halter bikini and sunglasses to match.

Tips para comprar la ropa interior a tu medida

Domina tu cuerpo y compra la ropa interior adecuada... 
Foto: Twitter 

¿No les ha pasado que ven un paquete de bikinis super lindos, los compran y cuando llegan a su casa no les quedan como hab铆an imaginado? A todas nos ha pasado y es muy molesto, por eso aqu铆 te decimos qu茅 hacer para hacer la mejor compra de ropa interior.

Para poder escoger la que mejor se acople a tu cuerpo, debes de saber que hay 5 tipos de pompas en el mundo. La forma es determinada a partir de los huesos de la pelvis, la forma de los m煤sculos y tambi茅n la distribuci贸n de la grasa de los gl煤teos.

S铆guenos en Instagram: @RevistaTuMexico

butt animated GIF

Cuadrado: Si los huesos de tu cadera junto con tus piernas forman una l铆nea recta, tienes unas pompas cuadradras. Te recomendamos usar bikinis y evitar lo cullotes. No queremos tela de m谩s donde no se necesita. 
Foto: Twitter 

Forma de V: Si la l铆nea de tus caderas y la de tus piernas se hace m谩s angosta a medida que la l铆nea desciende, tienes esta forma. Las mujeres que tienen hombros anchos y caderas angostas suelen tener la forma de V. Te recomendamos usar culottes o bikinis que no tengan muy alto el hueco de las piernas. 
Foto: Twitter

Forma de A: Tambi茅n conocida como la forma de pera. Las mujeres con este tipo de pompas tienden a tener m谩s anchas las piernas. Te recomendamos usar bikinis, culottes y tangas. Evita los resortes. 
Foto: Twitter

Redondo: Kim Kardashian y J. Lo tienen esta forma de pompas y est谩 de moda. Te recomendamos usar tangas o culottes que sean de un tama帽o grande para que te cubran bien y no sientas que se jala la tela. ¡Comodidad ante todo! 
Foto: Twitter

Coraz贸n al rev茅s: Las caderas tienen m谩s volumen pero en la parte baja. Te recomendamos usar culottes, hipsters o bikinis con el hueco de las piernas angosto. Un tip ser铆a utilizar ropa interior que te quede justo en la cadera para que te haga un levantamiento de pompas instant谩neo. 
Foto: Twitter

29 de noviembre de 2015

11 Cool Bras That Will Make Your Boobs Happy — “Disney Fashion”

I never used to be very invested in lingerie. Bras were simply items of a very specific purpose that were largely unseen to anyone but me. I understand the appeal of having a little lacy secret that only I could enjoy, but I just couldn’t really get anything out of it for myself. Wow, a red lace bra, cool.

That is, until I actually started checking out cooler bras. I began following Instagram accounts like Creepy Yeha and Chromat and realized that lingerie isn’t just about cheap, frilly material that you can cop at Victoria Secret and call it a day. Lingerie can be frilly, yes, but it can also be bold, unique, fun, ludicrous, and absolutely artistic.

Listen, if you’re skeptical, check out these 11 cool af bras below and try to tell me you didn’t find at least one bra that you’d feel like an effing rock star wearing.

Raya Bondage Bra
A lot of bondage style bras, frankly, do the most. Straps everywhere, crisscrossing all over to the point of looking messy. Plus, the straps are so thin that they look like they'll snap in a second. That's why this bondage bra is far superior to most. It's minimalist yet bold, and the angles of the peak-a-boo cups give off a futuristic vibe.

The Sui Bra
This bondage inspired bra is, like, way too badass not to include in this roundup. It's leather, handmade, and can be customized to literally any size, no matter how small or big you are. Also, it looks straight up badass and would look really cool paired with something mesh. Unfortunately, it's $250, so unless you are made of money, you're going to have to admire it from afar or save up some serious guac.

Lemondrop Bra
These strappy bras are so cool, but so many of them only come in black. That's why this pink bra is such a breath of fresh air. The contrast between the pastel and hot pink is really cute, and it would look great underneath those tops with big arm holes that show your bra.

Diode Patent Cage Bra
Uh, as somebody with big boobs, the idea of fitting my tits into this bra is pretty humorous. Still it looks pretty rad and oddly delicate despite the sharp points and angles.

Champagne '30s Bra
If you're super into the vintage pinup aesthetic, you'll think this bra is the tits (haha). The champagne color is super classy and the black accents really pull it all together. Throw some curls into your hair and flaunt in the mirror!

Half Neck Half Cup Plunge Bra
So many bras for larger cup sizes are dull and matronly. Uh, not this one! Let's be real: It's hot AF and if you're a curvy girl who wants to feel a little glamorous, this would be a nice addition to a lingerie collection.

Pentagram Bra
This is another pricy bra that is just too cool looking not to include in this post. IT'S A PENTAGRAM BRA! Like, this bra is straight up witchy af and it's brilliant. It would look really cool underneath a see through top.

Rainbow De Lite Sequin Bra
How often do you see a sequin bra, right? I love that these sequins are big and bold instead of tiny and delicate. This could honestly make for a great top to wear in the summer.

Ravish Me Bra
This bra might not look very practical since it doesn't give your boobs much support...but it's still really damn cool looking. While the design is very edgy, the bow and satin provide a softer side. It's dreamy, yet badass.

Serpentine Bustier
What's cool about this bustier is that it can double as a bra or a top, honestly. Just pair it with a pair of high waist jeans, shorts, or a skirt and you're good to go. Throw on a jacket and you've got a more modest twist on a revealing item.

The Broomstick Bra This longline bra is cool because it leaves a lot to the imagination, but still provides a see through panel for a little bit of edge. Plus, it looks super soft and comfy, which is a huge plus.

Courtesy of

17 de abril de 2015

Emily Ratajkowski For Free People - Lingerie Talk

Since her memorable Gone Girl debut last year, It Girl Emily Ratajkowski has rarely been out of the spotlight, mixing acting and modeling assignments that capitalize on her lustworthy figure. Here she is again, fronting the spring campaign for Intimately Free People in a lookbook titled ‘Some Kind of Sunshine.’

The campaign is inspired by “’70s haze” and introduces an expanded collection for boho brand Free People‘s popular intimates grouping.

It will debut on Monday with new boxer shorts, one-pieces, loungewear styles and eight new “bramis” — a crop-top that combines the support of bra with the casual silhouette of a cami. Look for the kind of touches you’ve come to expect from FP: moody colorways, fringe, crochet and macram茅 netting, and big florals.

The company will also unveil The Intimately Free People Bra Guide on Monday, an underwire fit guide offering measurement tips while highlighting appropriate styles for your size.

As for Emily, the 23-year-old Blurred Lines beauty will appear in the upcoming Entourage movie this summer.

And that “’70s haze” reference in the FP press release? We assume they’re talking about the photography style of the period, not the recreational indulgences.

Read More:

24 de marzo de 2015

Hanky Panky Hits The Street at SXSW – Lingerie Talk

So you’re elbowing your way through the crowd at one of the world’s biggest music festivals and a stranger comes up and asks if you’d like to be a lingerie model. Right here, right now. Do you: A) scream and run away; B) call the police; or C) ask if you get to keep the product? If the brand involved is Hanky Panky, chances are you’d answer C. The popular New York-based company known for its colorful stretch lace thongs sent a photographer into the streets of Austin, Texas this week for a bit of guerrilla marketing, asking patrons of the SXSW music festival to pose for the brand on the spot. And yes, they got paid in underwear. “Everyone we approached on the street, they all knew who Hanky Panky was,” photographer Becky Yee told Lingerie Talk. “But a dozen girls still said no.” Becky and an assistant sought out prospective models on Austin streets and got them to change into some of Hanky Panky‘s more streetworthy pieces in the bathrooms of nearby bars. The impromptu shoots typically drew a crowd, as Becky photographed the amateur models on the street, in bars and atop a giant model of Austin’s mascot, the jackalope. The images of Hanky Panky‘s ad hoc “Panty Parade” were posted on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
The project, which Becky proposed to Hanky Panky only a few days before the start of SXSW Music, is another example of brands using non-professional models and social media tools in their marketing mix in an effort to connect with customers’ lifestyles. SXSW is a coveted launch platform for brands, thanks to its cutting-edge mix of indie films, musical acts and interactive technologies. Becky, a fashion and culture photographer who shoots at festivals around the world, got the idea for a guerrilla lingerie shoot after trying something similar last summer at the Sonar festival in Barcelona — except that time the models were asked to pose in designer RTW fashions. Becky was already booked to go to SXSW this week as the official photographer for The Zombies, and looked for a lingerie brand to partner with. “I approached a bunch of underwear companies to try something like this and they all thought I was crazy,” she said. “I”m so happy Hanky Panky believed in me.” Given the public nature of the shoot, Becky didn’t use any of Hanky Panky‘s famous thongs or other garments considered too racy, instead featuring the brand’s bright lace crop tops, camisole, bike shorts and boyshorts. And some of the shots required a bit of improvisation. To complete the image below, she convinced a bystander to lend them her cowboy hat “by offering to buy them a beer.” The music portion of SXSW wraps up on Sunday. Becky said she is hoping to try shooting another “panty parade” at other upcoming festivals like Coachella, Iceland Airwaves and New York’s Governors Ball. Here are a few more images from this unique project.
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26 de diciembre de 2014

Jessie,The Love Story; Episode 13: 10 Kinds Of Bras Every Girl With Small Boobs Needs To Buy by Jessie Prescott

Bras are something that you wear every single day (probably). Therefore, it should seem obvious that you need more than just one or two – and you definitely need all different kinds of bras, not just one kind that you love. For example, I have a favorite bra that I own a bunch of – but that doesn’t mean I only wear that bra. I still have the other necessary options that I might need even if I don’t wear them every day. Having these kinds of bras already in your drawer makes it that much easier to get ready if you’re going somewhere special, or if you just bought a shirt that seems a little more complicated to wear. There are some kinds of bras that every single girl needs, but there are also bras specific to your cup size that are more helpful. Here are 10 kinds of bras every girl with small boobs needs to buy: A Comfy Bralette Bralettes are super comfy and perfect for wearing when you're lounging around the house or just hanging out. They're especially great for girls with smaller boobs, so take advantage of that! Aerie makes some great ones that are also really pretty and inexpensive. A Plunge Bra A plunge bra is a great option for low-cut tops. Every girl who wears low-cut things should own one, because they'll make all of your outfits easier. This triangle top from Free People is inexpensive, comes in a bunch of colors, and is also really pretty. A T-shirt Bra In A Neutral Color A comfy t-shirt bra is a necessity for every day use. These need to be worn under your thinnest clothing, because you don't really see them. You should own a few different t-shirt bras in neutral, easy shades, like black, nude, or white - that way you can wear them with a lot of different clothes. A Backless Bra The luxury of having boobs that are on the smaller side is being able to wear backless tops, or tops that have a weird back, or tops with really low sides. As someone who has big boobs and needs to wear a clunkier bra all the time, trust me, this is an awesome perk and I'm jealous. If you want to wear tops that have odd backs that can't be worn with a regular bra, invest in a good backless bra like this one.
A Multi-Use or Strapless Bra Every girl needs a good strapless bra in her closet. It's just an essential! Get one with straps that you can wear regularly or in a racerback or halter shape so that you have a versatile bra. Lulalu specializes in making bras for smaller boobs, so this is a great option. A Sports Bra I've heard a lot of girls with small boobs say they don't wear sports bras when they work out because they don't think they need the extra support. That's not true! Not only do you need the support, but you also need the comfort. Besides all that, you don't want to ruin a perfectly good bra by getting it all sweaty. Sports bras are made to work out in - get one! I personally love the sports bras from Victoria's Secret for any size - they're cute and comfy. A Push-up Bra Every girl needs a little boost sometimes. Find a good push-up bra that is comfortable and fits you well, preferably in a color that can be worn with anything. A Sexy Lace Bra Every girls should have a bra that looks really pretty and makes her feel super sexy and confident. It doesn't matter if you have no one to wear it for, sometimes owning sexy lingerie is just fun! Lilipiache makes makes for smaller boobs, so this one is really great. A Demi Cup Demi-cup bras are great for everyday use, and I happen to think they're more comfortable for smaller boobs than larger boobs. Get a few in a bunch of different colors and make sure they're comfy. The Little Bra Company is another brand that makes bras for smaller boobs, so go for this option Fashion Tape Okay, so this isn't a bra, but it's still an essential. If you have a small cup size that doesn't always need that much support and you want to wear a top that looks weird with regular bras, use fashion tape. It will help hide what needs to be hidden, but it's basically like wearing nothing. Read More:

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...