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12 de abril de 2015

Photo: Sarah Gilman Was All Smiles At The Los Angeles Kings’ Game April 11, 2015

Sarah Gilman looked super cute at the Los Angeles Kings’ game on Saturday (April 11, 2015).

The “I Didn’t Do It” actress was with Erika Kaestle (Writer), and they both were wearing the team’s jerseys in this snap that she shared via her Twitter.

Miss Sarah talked about hockey with her nice picture:

apparently hockey obsessions are contagious. thanks a lot Erika. @LAKings

Yep!! Hockey is so great! :)

This was the last game of the regular season for the Kings, and they did not make it into the playoffs this year.

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18 de enero de 2015

Happy Birthday To Sarah Gilman January 18, 2015

Sarah Gilman is celebrating her birthday today (January 18, 2015), and is now 19 years old!! Happy Birthday, Sarah! Miss Gilman stars in Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It,” and we so enjoy her as Delia! Be sure to send out a nice Happy Birthday tweet, and you can leave a comment for Sarah below.
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30 de diciembre de 2014

Jessie,The Love Story; Episode 14: Sarah Gilman & Karan Brar (Ravi Ross) Watched Disney’s “Into The Woods” December 28, 2014

“I Didn’t Do It” starlet Sarah Gilman and Karan Brar from “Jessie” both tweeted about watching Disney’s “Into The Woods” last night (Sunday, December 28, 2014) with each other. Cool! Karan said that he really liked it: Just saw @IntoTheWoods with @sarahbgilman and it was awesome [smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes and Ok hand sign emojis] Sarah posted this message:

Really glad that they had a fun time! Have you guys seen this new movie yet? I haven’t had time to get to the theater! Read More:

7 de diciembre de 2014

Jessie,The Love Story;Episode 9: Photos: Cameron Boyce(Luke Ross), Sarah Gilman, Austin North & More Hollywood Knights Basketball Game December 6, 2014

Another basketball game for the Hollywood Knights on Saturday (December 6, 2014). Cameron Boyce from “Jessie,” Ryan Newman, Austin North and Sarah Gilman from “I Didn’t Do It” and more took the floor to play. Miss Sarah retweeted Nickelodeon star Najee De-Tiege. He tweeted out the people in the pic: @danielcurtislee @ryrynewman @RomeTrumain @SerDariusBlain @wewanttyewhite @alexavega @TheCarlosPena @hollywdknights
Sarah was thankful to Austin’s mom for taking pictures since her mom wasn’t able to be there: awesome @hollywdknights game tonight!! thanks @karennorth555 for taking pics bc my momma couldn’t be there
Karen North shared this super nice snapshot of Austin and Sarah and wrote: I Didn’t Do It reppin’ at the #HollywoodKnights game Really glad that they had fun! Did you see them playing last night? Oh, and don’t forget to tune in to watch the “Fa-La-La-Lidays” episode of Disney Channel’s ”I Didn’t Do It” tonight!!! Read More:

2 de septiembre de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 14:Delia's It Up

An afternoon of Thursday, while CeCe and Rocky lunch in the main hall of the house, Flynn had good news.
I have a text message, CeCe, I have a text message !!!!!, and CeCe replied thereon; Flynn, who said about it on your phone ?; That came Delia Delfino of I Didn't Do It !!!! And Rocky said: What ??? Who is Delia, but I did not see that series, And Now Delia came with a pleasant surprise, and said: Hey Guys, and all shouted: Hi Delia!!!!!
Now Delia said: Guess who I am: First CeCe; That's crazy, the future runs through my veins and After Rocky, Yes, and now beginning the progress of my career as a student.
That Surprise, guys, I hope you enjoy a family party tonight in high school.
Under his highness, I think Flynn, CeCe and Youinvite family party that accompanied CeCe's boyfriend: And Finally CeCe's boyfriend asked: Someone told family party in high school?
Oh, My Love, Darling by order came: And finally, asked the boyfriend CeCe's, came for me, I bought four tickets at Main Arena for family party starts in an hour and a half, but it's 3:00 pm, before the sale closes.
And With Whom I go to the party if the groom CeCe's has 4 inputs, Well, I invite you to my mom, Yeah, Surprised and in action, Good Guys, where five enlist their uniforms, makeup, lingerie and when I call or write their SMS that we go to the family party; Yes, Thanks Delia. The End Links de 3 Publicaciones de Sarah Gilman:

23 de agosto de 2014

Photo: Sarah Gilman’s Dorm Room August 20, 2014

Sarah Gilman graduated from high school earlier this year and is now ready to tackle college. The “I Didn’t Do It” actress tweeted about getting her dorm room ready yesterday (August 20, 2014):

She also posted a pic of her room on her Instagram and said: my new dormal, I mean normal Not sure where Miss Sarah is going to college at, but hope that she enjoys it! Ver Mas en: h-gilmans-dorm-room-august-20-2014/

Photo: Sarah Gilman With A Fan In Michigan August 23, 2014

Sarah Gilman was all smiles in this photo that she took with a fan in Michigan on Saturday (August 23, 2014). The “I Didn’t Do It” actress spent time with Radio Disney at a meet and greet in the Detroit area at Macy’s in the Twelve Oaks Mall. Radio Disney had this to say with their pic: Check out @sarahgilman18 meeting a fan at Macy’s in Twelve Oaks Shopping Center in Novi, MI! Did you get a chance to meet Sarah today? Don’t forget to tune in to watch an all new episode of “I Didn’t Do It” on Disney Channel tomorrow (August 24)!
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4 de julio de 2014

Photo: Sarah Gilman Volunteering At JP Blecksmith 5K July 4, 2014

Sarah Gilman spent time on the 4th of July volunteering at the JP Blecksmith 5K. She posted this nice pic and talked about what this meant to her: celebrating ‘Merica’s 238th bday the best way I know how: volunteering at the 10th annual JP Blecksmith 5k honoring fallen soldiers So great! Such awesome news on Thursday (July 3) about “I Didn’t Do It” getting picked up for a second season!! Read More:

Entrada destacada

Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

How sweet! Last night after Zendaya picked up a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Star, her fellow nominees, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron an...