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26 de octubre de 2015

Good Friends Rowan Blanchard and Amandla Stenberg

Great to see awesome friendships. Disney star Rowan Blanchard and actress Amandla Stenberg have been friends for a while now. Rowan shares a photo of herself and Amandla together back when they were a lot younger. It is always a great way to share an old photo of friends when it is someone’s birthday. Rowan could not miss Amandla’s special day turning 16. Happy Birthday Amandla!

Twitter: @rowblanchard

Instagram: @rowanblanchard

Photo: Rowan Blanchard, Amandla Stenberg/ Instagram


5 de mayo de 2015

Video: Rowan Blanchard Talked With Fanlala About The Differences Between Working On TV Vs. A Movie May 2015

Rowan Blanchard visited with Fanlala about working on a TV series like her show “Girl Meets World” compared to working on a movie. Miss Rowan said that she was in New Orleans for 2 months working on “Invisible Sister,” and she really enjoyed it.

The Disney actress mentioned that her DCOM will be airing in October 2015! Yay!!!

Take a look:

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27 de marzo de 2015

Video: See How Well Sabrina Carpenter & Rowan Blanchard Know Each Other March 26, 2015

As we all know by now, Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard not only play best friends on their show “Girl Meets World,” but these two girls are super close in real life too! Love this video from TV Guide posted today (March 26, 2015), as we see just how much Sabrina and Rowan know about each other. So much fun, these two are! And, as a reminder, be sure to watch the season 1 finale of “Girl Meets World” on Friday (March 27) during “Tune In 4 What?!” weekend. Watch: Read More:

16 de marzo de 2015

Rowan Blanchard Talked About Filming “Invisible Sister” March 15, 2015

Rowan Blanchard posted a few tweets last night (March 15, 2015) about how she has been very busy working on her DCOM “Invisible Sister” where she plays Cleo and also apologized for not being on Twitter more. No worries, Rowan! We just love hearing from you when you have time! The “Girl Meets World” actress talked about being up late lately, she was excited that “The Cheetah Girls” was on and she mentioned how much she adores her fans! Read:

Tune in to watch Miss Rowan and her “Girl Meets World” co-stars in the season one finale on Disney Channel during “Tune In 4 What?!” weekend! Read More:

8 de marzo de 2015

Video: Rowan Blanchard Proud Of Those Supporting The HeForShe Pledge March 7, 2015

Rowan Blanchard took time on Saturday (March 7, 2015) to communicate with her followers about taking the HeForShe pledge. She posted a video below after seeing how many people had done so, and said that she was so proud: Hi loves!!! On set right now, but I am so proud of you guys for taking the #TeamHeForShe pledge!!! If each one of you got one male to take the pledge, we would have 1.3 million more people on board for gender equality! Xo link is also in my bio :) Watch:

It was also nice to see that she had the support of her “Girl Meets World” castmates. Sabrina Carpenter tweeted: As a #HeForShe, I’m committed to #genderequality. I invite you to stand with me. @HeForShe @rowblanchard August Maturo had this to say via his Twitter earlier today: Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. @HeForShe Auggie takes the pledge! @rowblanchard Click this link to view the information. Read More:

29 de enero de 2015

Video: Rowan Blanchard & Sabrina Carpenter Talked About Being Friends For 2 Years While At Paris Berelc’s Sweet Sixteen Party January 25, 2015

Pacific Rim Video | Front Row Features host Chris Trondsen spoke with Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard while on the red carpet for their friend Paris Berelc’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party on Sunday (January 25, 2015). See more pics of the “Girl Meets World” stars at the celebration here. We see Sabrina in the first part of this interview chatting about how she got to know Miss Paris, and then Rowan pops in to talk about how it is her and Sabrina’s 2 year friendship anniversary. So great! Watch: Read More:

9 de enero de 2015

Jessie,The Love Story: Episode 17: Photo: Rowan Blanchard & Debby Ryan(Jessie Prescott) Hanging Out On The Set Of “Girl Meets World” January 8, 2015

“Girl Meets World” sweetheart Rowan Blanchard and the talented Debby Ryan from “Jessie” were hanging out together on the set of Rowan’s Disney Channel show recently. On Thursday evening (January 8, 2015), Miss Blanchard posted this photo of the two of them sitting on the floor in the living room in Rowan’s TV home. Debby gave everyone the double peace sign, and Rowan talked about her so sweetly: Big sis I never had @debbyryan
The 13 year old Disney darling was photographed by the “Jessie” actress, and Rowan gave her a nice compliment on her photography skills with this Instagrammed pic: I just decided that @debbyryan is quitting acting to be a photographer That is a really cool pic! :) Get ready to tune in to watch both of these lovely ladies in new episodes of “Girl Meets World” and “Jessie” tonight on Disney Channel! Read More:

7 de enero de 2015

Congrats To Rowan Blanchard On 1 Million Instagram Followers January 6, 2015

We absolutely love looking at Rowan Blanchard‘s Instagrammed pics! The “Girl Meets World” actress has a lot of other people that do to. icon smile Congrats To Rowan Blanchard On 1 Million Instagram Followers January 6, 2015 On Tuesday evening (January 6, 2015), Miss Rowan thanked her fans after seeing that 1 million were following her on Instagram. Incredible! Congrats! Read More:

23 de septiembre de 2014

Photo: Rowan Blanchard Looks Super Pretty On The Fall 2014 Issue Of BYOU Magazine

BYOU Magazine has revealed their fall 2014 issue with “Girl Meets World” starlet Rowan Blanchard as their cover story. Miss Rowan looks so great, and I love the colors chosen for the cover. icon smile Photo: Rowan Blanchard Looks Super Pretty On The Fall 2014 Issue Of BYOU Magazine The issue is themed “Positive Friendships,” and the magazine has an exclusive interview with the Disney Channel actress. She shared the scoop on her new show, talked about how to overcome insecurities, and offered great advice on what to look for in a friend. She and her co-star Sabrina Carpenter give an insider peek at friendship and share tips on how to have positive friendships. Plus, you get two inspiring mini-posters of Rowan! Look for it on newsstands beginning October 1, 2014, or download it FREE today. Here’s an excerpt from Rowan in her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine: A positive friendship is one where you don’t have to talk about other people to feel better about yourselves. In a best friend relationship, you can keep each other grounded in that way and set a reputation for other girls; you wouldn’t want other girls gossiping about you so don’t gossip about them. In a friendship, you have to encourage each other to love yourself. That’s something my friends do [for me] and something I encourage all of my friends to do [for themselves]. Loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing to a healthy friendship. Read More:

28 de mayo de 2014

Love It Up;Episode 3:BOP’s Hot 25 of 2014!

It’s that time of year again! Time to choose your 25 favorite celebs of 2014! Just check off the boxes for your 25 favorite celebrities, then hit the Submit button. Don’t see your favorite celeb? Just enter their name in the “other” box at the bottom. Who will be crowned #1? Find out in an upcoming issue of BOP magazine!
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17 de mayo de 2014

Watch For Rowan Blanchard’s “This Is Who I Am” Video

rowan blanchard may 16 2014 Watch For Rowan Blanchards This Is Who I Am Video

Beautiful photo of Rowan Blanchard from the soon-to-be Disney Channel hit show “Girl Meets World!” Miss Rowan said that her “This Is Who I Am” video is airing on Disney Channel! Have you seen it yet? With this quick snippet, she said: My WHO I AM is airing on Disney Channel! Keep your eyes peeled. Very surreal. ❤️

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17 de marzo de 2014

Photo: Rowan Blanchard Enjoyed The Warm Weather In California March 16, 2014

rowan blanchard swinging march 16 2014 Photo: Rowan Blanchard Enjoyed The Warm Weather In California March 16, 2014
“Girl Meets World” darling Rowan Blanchard enjoyed swinging yesterday (March 16, 2014) and said that it was really warm in the Los Angeles: Los Angeles, it’s 90 degrees. It’s still “winter.” I really wish we had 90 degree weather in the winter!

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6 de julio de 2013

Rowan Blanchard Live Chatting July 6, 2013

rowan blanchard ustream july 6 2013 Rowan Blanchard Live Chatting July 6, 2013 Rowan Blanchard from “Girl Meets World” will be live chatting with her fans today (July 6, 2013). Along with this Instagram above, Miss Rowan said: Don’t forget to tune into Ustream at 12pm PST to watch my live chat! I will be taking questions from twitter and on Ustream! Awesome! icon smile Rowan Blanchard Live Chatting July 6, 2013 Be sure to check it out and follow Rowan!

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Love It Up News: Season 2 Episode 8: CUTE: Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron and Laura Marano Congratulate Zendaya.

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